What is the Best Baby Carrier?

What is the Best Baby Carrier?

My youngest child is now 8-years old. That’s how long it has been since I looked at baby carriers. Now, after many years of trying, my best friend is now having her first baby, and I wanted to buy her a baby carrier for a gift. The selection to narrow it down to the best baby carrier has been daunting, to say the least.

Finding the Best Baby Carrier With So Many Choices

Best Baby Carrier

Soft, sling style carriers weren’t even in the running for a choice the last time I used a baby carrier. You had to choose from basically one of many hard, plastic baby carriers. I can tell you that now, I really am a fan of the softer style of baby carrier that allows the baby to snuggle up against your body.

Soft Baby Carrier Choices

Best Baby Carrier

Like I said, I’m a huge fan of the soft, sling-type baby carriers. I love the feeling of holding my baby right up against me. And when I’ve carried babies this way, they honestly seem a lot more calm and secure. There are several styles in the realm of soft baby carriers. Here are a few examples: the Balboa Adjustable Sling is a soft, form-fitting snuggle for your baby. The carrier is ideal for nursing babies as it is adjustable. You can either use both straps over your shoulders to carry your baby safe and snug, or adjust one strap the back and use the other over your preferred arm, and you can carry your baby safely in the sideways position.

Soft Baby Carriers for Active Parents

Best Baby Carrier

Bjorn has always been a favorite brand of mine. They have a really nice baby carrier that would be ideal for a baby-on-the-go. If you enjoy hiking or other activities. This is the best baby carrier I’ve active families. The straps are made from 100% cotton that gives a comfortable and supportive fit for your baby.

Perks of a Hard-Backed Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carrier

I was actually told by my pediatrician years ago that she didn’t recommend soft or sling back baby carriers as so many babies had been injured due to improper use by parents. I’ve come to learn a lot of those stories weren’t accurate, and the ones that were true were a tad over-told. The hand backed baby carriers after often confused with infant car seat carriers. These are just plastic baby carriers. You strap your bundle of joy in safe and secure and then carry them in it. These types of carriers were never meant to be car seats though.

My Personal Choice for the Best Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carrier

Personally, I am floored at the selection in soft baby carriers. I really don’t think you can go wrong having your baby right next to your body, safe and secure. There are wrap around styles, ring styles, and traditional slings to choose from. Plus, you can wear many baby carriers in the front or the back. I saw a busy baby in a back-style baby carrier busily pulling items off a store shelf once and dropping them on Mom’s head and on the floor. I like to know what those little hands are doing at all times, so I’ll go for a front wearing style. The best baby carrier is the one that best fits your lifestyle. If you’re active and like taking your baby with you, a sling style may be the best choice for you to make. For other parents, a hard backed baby carrier will be the best fit for your family.


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