The Top Three Best Vintage Baby Shower Ideas for Girls Ever

The Top Three Best Vintage Baby Shower Ideas for Girls Ever

As a mother, there is nothing more exciting than hearing the news that your daughter is pregnant with a girl. There are so many fun ways to celebrate the pending arrival of the baby. A vintage baby shower is a heart-touching way to give your granddaughter-to-be, wonderful gifts that your daughter will love. Seeing her most prized possessions from her childhood passed to her own daughter will truly touch her soul. If you want to throw a sentimental baby shower that she will never forget, I have awesome ideas for you. A vintage baby shower is relatively easy to do. Almost every parent saves special keepsakes such as a favorite teddy bear, first tricycle, and other special gifts that can be handed down to their grandchildren. If you are looking to create a DIY vintage baby shower, I have the top three, best baby shower ideas for girls.

Once you find out your daughter is having a girl, immediately start planning the shower so you have time to refurbish all of the gifts. When refurbishing old toys, or even baby furniture, you need to inspect the items to make sure they are still sturdy and safe for the new baby. You also want to check to make sure the toys do not have any lead parts as well. If you do not have any childhood toys or keepsakes for your daughter, you will want to replicate items that were special to her. Use these tips to help you get started on planning gifts for the baby.

Top of the Best Vintage Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Vintage Baby Shower Ideas

If your daughter’s old teddy bear or stuffed animal from her childhood is falling apart, in most cases you can refurbish it. Simple methods include taking the old stuffing out and refilling it with new stuffing. You also can give the stuffed animal an embroidered face and use patches to cover any areas that are falling apart. If the stuffed animal is beyond repair, Build-A-Bear Workshop is an excellent place to visit to see about creating a replica. To make sure she understands the reference, embroider the name of her stuffed animal on the new one. Make sure that you have plenty of tissue on hand for when she opens the gift.

Second of the Best Vintage Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Vintage Baby Shower Ideas

Learning to ride a tricycle is a major childhood milestone that is just as important as a child’s first bike. This rite of passage passes from generation to generation. Often, tricycles remain in the garage for many years waiting for a new rider to be born. A can of WD-40, rust remover, new wheels, and paint can take old cherished memories and create new ones. Once you finish refurbishing the tricycle, decorate it with pretty ribbons. Placing a gift in the seat of the tricycle, and setting it up with the rest of the gifts will create a picture perfect display that your daughter will love.

Third of the Best Vintage Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Vintage Baby Shower Ideas

A mother/daughter scrapbook is an awesome way to blend the generations and show your new grandchild how much she really does look like her mom. To make this keepsake special, leave a blank area for mom to write a memoir until she hands the book off to her daughter. Leave blank spots for the baby’s pictures as well as space for her to write in the book, as she grows older. This idea is perfect for starting a generational scrapbook that will tell the story of the women in the family. Add mom’s pictures from the time she was a baby up until she turned 16 or 18 if you choose. You can choose to end the book with the baby’s Sweet 16 birthday, or when she is 18. No matter what landmark you choose, this scrapbook will be one of the most precious belongings in the household.
After considering many ideas, the ability to share your childhood with your daughter is one of the most wonderful expressions of love. I hope you enjoyed my ideas for the best vintage, baby shower ideas for girls.

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