Four of the Most Exciting and Unique Baby Shower Games

Four of the Most Exciting and Unique Baby Shower Games

If you are anything like me, sitting in a living room and playing typical baby shower games is not my idea of a fun baby shower. I love having the element of surprise on my side. If you are willing to put a little time and energy into planning a great baby shower, I have quite a few epic ideas that will make you the “go to” baby shower planner in your circle. I have four unique baby shower games that no one will be able to forget. Be sure that your guest of honor takes a good nap before the shower.

1. Unique Baby Shower Games- Life-Sized Board Game

Baby Shower Games

If you are the creative soul of your circle, this feat will be simple for you to accomplish. The baby shower attendees are the game pieces of course, and the first one to make it to the momma-to-be, who will be relaxing in a comfortable chair, will win the game. You choose the ultimate focus of the game, whether it is revealing twins, the baby’s sex, or name. The “board game” does not have to be elaborate. You would be surprised how willing kids are to help paint cardboard signs. You can either use coffee cans to prop hand-made signs to mark the board, or lay the cardboard signs on the ground, creating a maze to the mother-to-be. For safety reasons, I would not suggest hopping on the signs; walking beside them is advisable. You can make the board game as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. Creating dice is as simple as painting over two small boxes. Your game board can be located in the backyard, the YMCA, or anywhere you choose.

2. Maze Your Way to Unique Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

If you live in a country area and it is a reasonably warm time of the year, creating a maze out of haystacks is an awesome baby shower game to use for a big reveal as well. Everyone who makes it to the end of the maze will find out the big news. A great way to make the maze a little more interesting is to create multiple entry points. If you find a generous farmer, who is willing to build an awesome maze for a reasonable price, you can turn the entire baby shower into an outdoor event. This baby shower game is ideal for children; you will not hear one complaint about anyone being bored.

3. Zombie Run –Unique Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

If your baby shower party is an athletic bunch that loves to run in 5ks, why not run for your lives this year. If your guest of honor loves to watch “The Walking Dead”, this unique baby shower game will thrill her to no end. Secure mom and dad’s seat as spectators while the majority of the guest list goes on a run- away from zombies. Zombie runs have a great, laid-back atmosphere. Do not be afraid to reach out the organizers to let them know about the surprise baby shower. More than likely, they will help you come up with a very creative and comfortable seating situation for mom and dad. Make sure that you take plenty of pictures with the zombies.

4. Unique Baby Shower Games- Murder Mystery Dinner

Baby Shower Games

A “Who done it” baby shower full of mystery, excitement, and fun is one that no one will ever forget. If you are looking for a unique idea, turn your baby shower into a murder mystery dinner. There are so many wonderful ways to have fun with this idea. A murder-mystery dinner business is sure to appreciate a creative mind and may accommodate you with special privileges if you call ahead. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and to catch the two big reveals on camera. My baby shower ideas are for the wild and the adventurous. If you are not looking for a new adventure around every corner, my ideas may be extreme for you. However, for the rest of you who are always looking for a new thrill, remember to think outside the box when planning baby showers. Unique baby shower games start with using your imagination.

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