The Top Baby Carrier for Bike Riding Families

The Top Baby Carrier for Bike Riding Families

We are a very active family of four kids ranging from 18 months to 8-years old, and my dear husband and myself. We are on our bicycles whenever the weather is deemed to be “good riding weather.” We had put off riding altogether until we knew the safety basics, and how to ride with a baby on board. Through a local bike shop, we found a parent riding group that was so helpful. They gave us tips on seats, experiences, and even a few tips on how to practice, so we have the utmost confidence about riding with our baby on our bikes. We even practiced riding with dolls, and a 20lb bag of flour. The neighbors must have thought we were a little nuts. But it got us ready to have a baby on board each of our bikes. I recently was shopping for a new baby carrier for bike outings for our 18-month old, and I wanted to review some of them with you.

Britax Baby Carrier for Bike Riding Parents

Top Baby Carrier

This was ultimately our choice when we purchased our first rear-mounted baby bike carrier when our first child was just over a year old. This bike carrier mounts at the bike of the bicycle directly behind the adult riding the bike on the seat tube of the bike. This seat will easily accommodate a child from one year to four years of age, that is of average size. The maximum weight it can carry is 40lbs. It does feature a quick release that isn’t easy to trigger, but makes moving the seat back and forth between our bikes a breeze to do. Some added features we liked was that this seat reclines so your baby can sit back a little and enjoy the ride.

Favorite Baby Carrier for Bike Riding Friends

Top Baby Carrier

After we had purchased the Britax for our family to ride with, one of my friends mentioned she and her spouse wanted to start riding with us and as a gift, we wanted to give them a bike baby carrier as they hadn’t made a decision. I initially went to get them the Britax model we had, but the store was out and finding them online was proving to be a bust. So, we got them the Yepp Maxi baby carrier, which was our highly rated second choice. I had already thoroughly researched this bike baby carrier and felt very comfortable gifting it. It works almost exactly as the Britax mounting on the seat tube. This seat will carry 48-pounds instead of 40-pounds. And carries the same safety ratings and durability as the seat we purchased. My friend was thrilled, and we’ve enjoyed riding with them.

Bike Baby Carrier for Twins

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My second child was actually two at once-yep, twins. When our oldest was still a good fit for the baby seat on the bike, we were trying to think of the best way to include our twins in our family bike outings. My husband and I both agreed that front mounted bike baby seats were a total no-go for us. However, we found the Croozer Kid C1 Bike Child Trailer was the best choice for our family. When our twins were old enough to hold up their heads well and wear their bike helmets safely, we could strap them into the bike trailer and take them along for the ride. A huge plus about bike trailers is you can carry along things to make the family ride more fun. This bike trailer easily accommodates two children and will hold up to 99-pounds.

A Little Baby Carrier Safety

Top Baby Carrier

Before you decide to ride, make sure your child is ready. My now 8-year old wasn’t ready to safely hold his head up and wear a bike helmet until he was 2-years old. My twins were able to do it at just over a year. My 18-month-old is just now able to do it. So, gauge how ready your baby is so they have a safe and fun time, and so do you.

Those are my family’s choices for our favorite baby carrier for bike outings that we’ve used or bought. If you want some good recommendations, there are a good number of online groups for parents that ride. Get some recommendations and you’ll be happily riding as a family unit too.


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