Top 10 iPhones apps for new parents (2015)

Top 10 iPhones apps for new parents (2015)

[01] WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby

Everyone has heard of and has probably used at some point, WebMD. Well now you have WebMD Baby available to all of your new parent needs. The app has a number of trackers that you can use for the baby’s growth, for diapers, sleeping and feeding schedules, and you have a plethora of older articles from WebMD at your disposal. They even offer a digital baby book for you to keep track of everything you need. Never worry about not being able to reach the pediatrician with this free app on your phone!

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[02] Baby Monitor & Alarm

Baby Monitor & Alarm

Long past are the days of having to have a separate monitor in your baby’s room in order to hear them if they fuss and cry during naptime or at night. With the age of smartphones we now have the ability to have a monitor right on our phones. With this one, all you do is turn on the Baby Monitor app while your baby sleeps it will give you a ring or send a text on your phone when it detects noise. Baby Monitor can also sync up to FaceTime so you can see your baby as they wake up. The latest version features a 30-minute delay before monitoring, to wait for baby to fall asleep.

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[03] Total Baby

Total Baby

This app is literally the total package. It will keep track of all feeding and diapering schedules that you may need to remember, bathing, and more. It also allows for you to add photos and entries to keep up with the progress of your baby.

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[04] Baby Trackers: Diapers

Baby Trackers- Diapers

If you have been asked to keep track of your baby’s diapers and how often you either change them or don’t change them, then this app could be a lifesaver. With everything from color squares to use in order to pick what color best describes the contents of the diaper, to a place to take notes, you will have everything you need for your doctor to get a detailed report.

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[05] White Noise Lite

WebMD Baby

If you have a baby that is a light sleeper, or has a problem falling asleep, then this is the app you will want. Equipped with everything from traditional white noise to soothing sounds of the beach and ocean, you will thank yourself later for downloading this one.

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[06] iBreastfeed


Being a new mother can be scary and if you are a breastfeeding mama then it can be even scarier to find the resources you want and need to help you with any questions or problems you may have. With iBreastfeed, you can search for breastfeeding support and helpful information you might want and need when getting started. Search for breastfeeding- and pumping-friendly spots near your location, plus, find breast milk storage guidelines, and keep track of your breastfeeding, pumping, sleeping and diaper changes all in one place. iBreastfeed can even send your log to your baby’s doctor for any additional support or answers.

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[07] American Baby :Nursing

American Baby -Nursing

In the spirit of breastfeeding it can be confusing having to keep track of what side you nursed last, how long ago it was, and how long did they nurse at that particular side? With this handy app, it records all info for you and keeps a mistake free record of all your breastfeeding history.

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[08] Baby Sign and Learn Lite

Baby Sign and Learn Lite

This app is a little unconventional for a lot of parents, but if you want to teach your new child to communicate with you earlier than waiting for them to talk, you can always teach them sign language. This app gives you over 100 common words and phrases to teach to your baby. Never wonder what your child wants again!

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[09] Today’s Parent Milestones

Today’s Parent Milestones

Keep track of all those important milestones that your child reaches at every stage. From everything from talking, walking, to brushing teeth, you can record everything you need. Not only those but keep track of the development of your child and make sure they are hitting everything they need to.

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[10] Flic


It’s a fact that with a new baby you will be taking a lot of pictures. But who wants to go through and sort them one by one? Who has the time? With Flic, you can easily open up your camera roll and flick right or left to determine if you want to keep any photos or delete them. Easy as that!

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