North States Superyard Play Yard  Review

North States Superyard Play Yard Review


When I was looking for a play yard for my 3 kids, I wanted something larger. My kids are 2-year old twins and a 3 year old. To say my house is busy is an understatement. A regular playpen just wasn’t going to work, especially for my twins, they seem extra busy some days. I wound up going with the North States Superyard Play Yard and I wanted to show you why this was my final choice after I looked at a lot of play yards.

Overview of the North States Superyard Play Yard

Superyard Play Yard

This is a sturdy play yard. That was my number one concern when I was looking at play yards. Safety was also a huge concern. I had heard about some of the other play yard models tipping over, so this model answered that concern too. It’s a series of sturdy interlocking gates that are brightly colored. It just looks fun!

The set comes with eight panels and when you set it up, it’s larger than you think at 34.45 square feet. Each of the sections is 26-inches in height. The bottom of each section has a non-slip pad and it will not scratch hardwood flooring.

Pros and Cons

Superyard Play Yard

The pros for this play yard are many. It is so easy to set up and very easy to keep clean. It’s roomy and gives the kids a safe space to play in. It’s also great for indoors or outdoors, although we tend to use ours more as a play yard outside. It’s fantastic for when my sister visits with her little one. All 3 kids play together in the play yard, and it works out great.

I only have one complaint about this play yard. It is a little difficult for me to get the ends together sometimes on the set up. That’s it. Hopefully, I’ll learn to slip them in straight as that seems to be my issue.

Accessories for the North States Superyard Play Yard

Superyard Play Yard

I highly recommend the North States Superyard 2 Panel Extension Kit. This will add two more panels onto your play yard size. We wound up getting two more extensions so we could give our kids a nice roomy play area. It’s really good when we go to the lake and let the kids on play on the shore. This sets up nice, they are safe and having fun and before we pack up the play yard, just hose it off and it’s ready to go after it dries.

Another accessory to consider, especially if you have hardwood floors like we do, is a play mat. We like the Alphabet and Number Mat, it goes with the primary colors of the play yard and is 36 square feet. So the mat will easily be the floor for a standard sized play yard.

Final Thoughts

Superyard Play Yard

I would highly recommend this play yard as an affordable solution for having a safe play area for your children. Especially if you have more than one little one. I personally never leave my kids unattended in their play yard but I have heard Mother’s tell me that their children climbed out of the different play yards as soon as mom left the room. One mom in my twin’s play group told me she put her daughter in the play yard and went into her office and about 5 minutes later heard the patter of little feet and her daughter was standing smiling in the home office doorway.

I am very happy with the North States Superyard Play Yard and I would get another one in a heart beat. Although I foresee this one lasting us for a long time. In fact, my hubby and I were just talking about what we can do to repurpose the play yard when the children don’t need it any longer. I guess that’s another blog post.


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