Top 4 Sporto Duck Shoes Styles

Top 4 Sporto Duck Shoes Styles

I would love to say the weather here is nice all the time, even most of the time. But that wouldn’t be exactly true. We have wet, snowy winters, soggy springs, and rainy summers. The only dry time we get is a very short period in fall, which turns into another wet winter as fast as you can say, “Jack Frost.” Even if you don’t need shoes for walking in the rain or wet conditions on a regular basis, it’s a great idea to have a pair of Sporto duck shoes in your closet. Don’t think that all duck shoes look the same with a plain rubber covering. Sporto has some super cute styles, here are top 4 faves I am currently trying to decide which pair to settle on.

Sporto Duck Shoes that Are Indeed Boots

Duck Shoes

These are really cute. I wind up doing a lot of online shopping at both Designer Shoe Warehouse and where I am a Prime Member so I can snatch up that free shipping on Prime items. The Sporto Kate is really a cute boot. It would definitely be one of my go-to styles in the cooler and colder months since it has a faux fur lining. Then that famous duck look around the toe and is about 8-inch shaft of the boot.

Original Sporto Bootie

Duck Shoes

This is the original design that the plain bootie mentioned above came from. This Kate Bootie is a more plain styling if you do not want to have any colors or patterns to match. The same good quality, and well made duck boot applies. Like the other Plaid Kate design, this is also a lace up boot. The way the tongue fits inside the boot, there is no chance of water getting in if you have it set in there straight.

Sporto Duck Shoes Wendy Bootie

Duck Shoes

This is a taller-style of duck shoe with a higher shaft than the Kate style of Sporto. This particular boot runs a little more narrow (Sporto tends to run a little wide in my experience), so make note of that if you are looking at this particular style. It only comes in black, but I actually like that it has a minimal color scheme to match.

Fran Sport Bootie

Duck Shoes

The Fran style of Sporto is a cool casual look. It’s solid faux leather and water resistant like all Sporto styles. This one comes to just over your ankle and is available in black and brown.

I’m not sure which one of these styles of Sporto duck shoes I’m going to go for. I do so many errands every day, and of course with 3 small children, there isn’t a moment I’m not on alert when we’re out. I do have to say that my 4-year old is very good about staying with me. My mother said I was one of those lucky children that got a baby harness because of my tendency to wander. Thanks Mom! Back to the shoes, I think the plain Kate style (second style I profiled) will be my final choice. I like the faux fur lining and the fact they are basic black will mean they won’t be screaming, “Hey look she’s wearing duck boots!” Instead I think they look really classic and trendy. Which pair would you go with?


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