Top 10 Shoe Carnival Boots

Top 10 Shoe Carnival Boots

Have you shopped at Shoe Carnival yet? When I lived in a larger city, I was a frequent customer buying shoes for my whole family at their brick and mortar store. Both my husband and my daughter would go barefoot if shoe shopping was left up to them, so I tend be the buyer of all the shoes in the family. My son enjoys shoe shopping with me so I have at least one kiddo to bounce ideas off of. Two years ago we moved to the country, and now I shop online. Since Winters are long here where we live, the Shoe Carnival boots section is where I do a lot of shopping. I wanted to share with you my 10 favorite boot styles for the family.

10. Bellingham Boot for Women

Shoe Carnival Boots

This is my current fave boot style for the Fall and Winter. This is a just-over-the-ankle boot that has a fleece lining and you can roll it down. The heel is 2-inches in height. Granted it’s not the most practical boot for living where we do, but I love this style and yes, I will have a pair in my closet very soon.

9. Shoe Carnival Boots for Girls

Shoe Carnival Boots

My daughter doesn’t like shopping for clothing or shoes. She asked me to duct tape the flapping sole on the toe of her boots rather than go through the pain of shopping for a new pair. After I saw they were worn beyond just getting the sole repaired, I told her she was getting a new pair of boots. I found these Laredo Western Boots, they are dark brown and black with a touch of leopard on them. My daughter absolutely loves them.

8. Big Boots, Big Socks

Shoe Carnival Boots

For my husband, it’s always been a pain to get him boots. He is a big,tall guy with a wide foot. It’s hard to find shoes and boots that don’t pinch the sides of his feet and with all the work on our little farm here, he definitely needs a boot he can wear comfortably. The Justin Pull On Boot, comes in a weathered brown that looks really nice with his jeans and also in a the EE width that he needs. This is a durable, nice looking, and comfortable boot.

7. Shoe Carnival Boots in a Western Style

Shoe Carnival Boots

For me, I wanted a pair of cowboy boots of my own, that would be great to wear around the farm here. I finally settled on the Coconuts Women’s Cimmaron style boot. I love the cut of the boot, the narrow toe and the way it has just a little heel but not so much it’s hard to walk around our place in.

6.Polo for Boys

Shoe Carnival Boots

My son loves clothes and enjoys looking nice. When I realized he’d grown out of yet another pair of boots, I was really glad to see Shoe Carnival has some deals on their website. The boot he had to have looks nothing like the Western style the rest of the family chose. He wanted the Polo Boys Camp Boot. It’s got a cut like a Doc Marten Boot with a buckle near the toe. It’s actually pretty cute.

5. Hiking Boot

Shoe Carnival Boots

When the weather is nice and especially in the Autumn when the leaves are turning, I love to go hiking with my family. A great pair of low cut hiking boots are the Timberland Women’s Whiteledge.

4.Oh La La Lace Up Boots

Shoe Carnival Boots

My daughter always refers to my lace up boots as the “Oh La La” boots, and they are certainly sassy. Rocket Dog makes my favorite pair that come just to the knee and they can be as sexy and sassy as you want.

3.Spike-Heeled Boots

Shoe Carnival Boots

I think every woman should own a few pair of shoes or boots that are just drop dead sexy and don’t have an ounce of practical to them. My Paprika Women’s boots would fit that description perfectly.

2.Warmest Boots

Shoe Carnival Boots

I haven’t bought these yet, but I’m considering getting a pair of Columbia boots with the sherpa lining. My feet get so cold in the winter. I seem to be the only one in the family that needs to keep my tootsies by the space heater, but I think a cute pair of insulated boots would do the trick.

1.Best Holiday or Special Occasion Boots

Shoe Carnival Boots

My all time favorite pair of boots to wear over the holidays or any glitzy occasion is my Delicious Gold Dust. They are black suede boots with a knee high design and the cutest gold glint on the 5-inch heel.

That’s my top 10 favorite shoe carnival boots for my family. The prices are great, you cannot beat their Cyber Monday sales, and their selection is ever-changing. I may life in the country now, but I still love trendy styles and I can always find both classic and trendy for the whole family at this store.


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