Hiking With The Sherpani Baby Carrier

Hiking With The Sherpani Baby Carrier

While I have never been much of an outdoor enthusiast, my husband is. Because of it, I have enjoyed taking on a variety of walks and hikes with him along with other adventures. Once we had kids, it was a bit difficult to get out and do a lot of the outdoor things that we enjoyed in the past. I knew that it would be better if we got a good quality baby carrier that we could take on hiking trips, especially since I had been told we were expecting our third child. When I got the news that we were expecting, I started to look into all of my options for a good hiking carrier. The Sherpani baby carrier happened to be the one that I would see that most parents were raving about.

Checking Out Sherpani Baby Carriers

Sherpani Baby Carrier

Upon researching, I found that this is a company that has been constructing quality baby carriers geared towards outdoor enthusiasts for nearly a quarter of a century. Not only have their backpacks and carriers been tested to stand up to use in the outdoors but they are also made from some incredible materials. To make it even better, I also found out that they offer a lifetime warranty. Having several children and the amount of wear and tear that we put on all of their gear, I realize just how handy such a warranty can be.

Our Choice Among the Sherpani Baby Carriers

We loved the Sherpani baby carrier from the moment that we started to use it. The more that we used it, the more we realized that it was just right for all sorts of outings and not just hiking. Our toddler got to take the first ride in it as we were still pregnant with our youngest child when the Sherpani box arrived on our doorstep. I’m not sure what all of the different specifications are for other models, but we got the Rumba Superlight by Sherpani, and it can hold a child that is aged up to about 4yrs old. We like this seeing how we still have a 2 year old in addition to the baby that is on the way.

Making it Work for an Infant

Sherpani Baby Carrier

I have to look to see if there is some sort of an insert that we can buy for infant use. Although I cannot picture we will be taking the baby on long hikes until he or she is able to hold their head up properly. Other than that, once the baby is ready to go, my husband and I will more than likely both have to have baby carriers strapped on to tote around the two youngest children with us.

Researching Different Baby Carriers For Hiking

Sherpani Baby Carrier

I know just how important it can be to look at all of your options when it comes to shopping for baby gear. To do this, I went through a wide range of customer reviews as well as consumer reports that all talked about the Sherpani baby carrier brand and what you can expect from all of the features after buying one. A lot of parents rave about how the pack is able to distribute the weight evenly, and they all seem to agree that the materials that go into the construction are exemplary. I can personally say that I vouch for most of the reviews that I have read on these carriers, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to easily take their baby hiking.

Since we have one small ergonomic baby carrier and two smaller children, seeing how our 7 year old can hike just fine on his own, we may be in the market for a second Sherpani. It is definitely worth it. I would challenge anyone to show me a hiking carrier that is as easy to use as this one.


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