Prenatal Workouts That Will Help You Keep Your Body In Shape During Pregnancy

Prenatal Workouts That Will Help You Keep Your Body In Shape During Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, it was overjoyed. I was also scared, nauseous, and worried I’d never see my waist again after I had my baby. This was when I was barely 6-weeks along. My hubby and I planned this pregnancy, and we decided that I would stay home with the baby and take some time off from corporate world. Something I wasn’t really sorry about, I was feeling pretty burned out and looking forward to walking a new path in life as a mom.

Good Advice About Prenatal Workouts

Prenatal Workouts

The first thing I did was inquire with my doctor about working out. Honestly, other than some half-hearted attempts at being a regular at the gym, which every January I’d be fulfilling that New Year’s resolution, by March I would have lots of excuses for not going to the gym and all working out fell to the wayside. My doctor said light exercise was a great way for me to prepare my body for the rigors of childbirth (the word “rigors” honestly scared me) and she suggested a few workouts for me to try, and gave me some sites online to check out.

Stretching Before Working Out

Prenatal Workouts

Before I would start on any of my prenatal workouts, I would spend some time on the floor while stretching out my body. Just like any other workout, warm up your muscles. I had excruciating leg cramps off and on during my pregnancy, however I quickly noticed I did not get them on days I worked out. I quickly made working out a part of each day. Just 10 minutes some days, others I would go close to 30 minutes of a light impact workout, but I started them all with simple stretches. I placed an exercise mat on the floor and would sit down with one leg pointed straight to the side and the other curled up towards me. I would hold the position for a bit and then rotate the legs so that each leg was able to stretch. I would also spread both my legs apart so that they were pointing in the opposite direction and I would place my head forward, basically towards the floor, to stretch my legs and upper-body at the same time.

I Find Out I Love Yoga

Prenatal Workouts

When I finished with my stretches, I immediately would get started with my routine. The type of routine I did each day would depend on how I was feeling. My doctor recommended yoga, and initially I scoffed. I really was not interested in yoga. After I started looking into it, often yoga was the main exercise I wound up doing. The lunge pose and chest opener were easy to learn and great stress relievers. I noticed that after doing the prenatal yoga for a bit, I was becoming more flexible, and working out became an easy task for me.

Light Weights

Prenatal Workouts

Prenatal yoga was just one of the prenatal workouts that I did during pregnancy. I also got paranoid my arms were getting a little flabby, and decided to start toning them since I was working out every day. I used 2lb weights and did light lifting. Obviously, I okayed this activity with my doctor and be sure you do to. She said it wasn’t entirely a good idea to get gung ho about weights if I had never lifted them prior to my pregnancy, but she said light toning weights would be fine. Obviously, if I experienced any pain, discomfort, or “it just didn’t feel right” – stop immediately. I can honestly say I think my arms looked better the day I had my baby than at any other time in my life. It has motivated me to keep it up.

Walking is Great Exercise

Prenatal Workouts

In between these exercises and my yoga, I would walk. I enjoyed talking my dog out at least once a day for a long walk, he liked it too. It made me realize how much I missed by being so attached to a desk job. If I ever had an inkling of regret about putting my career on hold, it vanished when I saw how awesome being a stay-at-home-mom had the potential to be.

Because I chose to workout during pregnancy, I noticed my labor went much easier, and I only had a few pounds to shed after giving birth. It was a lot easier to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans after having my son, and that is one of the reasons I encourage prenatal workouts for any expecting woman. If you’re like me and exercise prior to being pregnant wasn’t a major part of your lifestyle, just clear it with your doctor first.


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