Top 5 Playpens for Babies to Put on Your Baby Registry

Top 5 Playpens for Babies to Put on Your Baby Registry

Congratulations! You’re building a baby registry and it’s time to think about a playpen. Playpens for babies have come a long way since we were little kids. For years there were two main styles of playpens. An expandable wooden thing that basically turned into a circle for a baby to play in or a large plastic square. Mostly you’ll see them referred to as play yards now, but it’s all the same thing. Here are my 5 top choices for playpens in no particular order, I bet one will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

5. Playpens for Babies that are Very Portable

Playpens for Babies

You cannot go wrong with a Pack ‘N Play from Graco. One of the most highly reviewed is the TotBlock model. This is a primary colored square that has a nicely padded floor area for babies to play in. It collapses easily when you want to take it on the go, and even comes with its own carrying case.

4. Sturdiest Playpens for Babies

Playpens for Babies

The winner of that category would go hands down to the Joovy Room2. This play yard is sometimes referred to as “The Tank” of all play yards. Most of the Graco Pack ‘N Plays have a 30-lb weight limit for children. The Joovy has no weight limit and is very sturdy. I had a mother swear by this model as what she relied on for her nearly 2-year old son who is very busy and needs a safe place to be when she wants to pick up the house or cook dinner.

3.Playpen That’s More Old School

Playpens for Babies

The ProSource Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center is a simply and safely designed 8-panel system that locks each panel into place. The panels have long grooves instead of small diamond-shaped holes in the panels so little toes can’t go in them and enable easy climbing out of the playpen. Once set up the playpen is roughly 2-feet high and about 6-feet across, so it gives plenty of space to play.

2. Most Activities in a Playpen

Playpens for Babies

The Pavlov’z Toyz Electronic Interactive Activity Baby Playpen takes the cake for activities in a playpen. It’s good for kiddos from 12 months to 3 years of age and has sounds matching games, a phone to dial, gears to move (I admit I was mesmerized by the gears), and a clock to practice telling time. Along with all the activities, there is also room to let your child have his own toys in the playpen. This is a playpen guaranteed to keep your child not bored when he spends time in it.

1. Coolest Playpen

Playpens for Babies

The Primo Play Yard and Cabana is just one of the coolest playpens I’ve run across. This is for children from newborns to 3-years old. It’s easily has room for two children and can be used indoors or outside. It’s made of sunproof polyester fabric and has a waterproof mat on the floor area. The sides are mesh for full ventilation and there is a zip away doorway to let your kids use as their own doorway when they are older. It’s lightweight and folds down for easy portability so it’s a great choice to take on vacation or just to the local park for a fun family day outdoors.

That’s my rough and ready count down list of my favorite playpens for you. I realize there are a lot of makes and models out there now for playpens for babies. Hopefully the task of choosing a playpen for your baby registry is easier.


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