Personalized Diaper Bags – Take Them Or Leave Them?

Personalized Diaper Bags – Take Them Or Leave Them?

There might be something wrong with me, but I am a mom who never really felt the need to have items personalized when I had my baby. I mean, I bought a First Christmas ornament for my son with his name on it, and I also had a monogram put on the cover of his baby book, but gear? Not so much.

Is Personalizing Dangerous?

Personalized Diaper Bags

For some reason, I have been looking around, and I have found a big trend that seems there are a lot of parents who are trying to have just about anything and everything personalized. Am I the only one that seems to think that this is getting out of hand? I actually saw one mother at the playground who had her son’s name on his shirt, his backpack, on a lunch tote and even on one of his toys. Once I thought about it further, I started to think that tossing around your child’s name that much could be dangerous. The last thing that I would want is for my child to have his name embroidered on his jacket whenever the stranger driving the “Free Candy” van drives by. It seemed almost that such amounts of personalization is just asking for trouble.

But Look At The Personalized Diaper Bags!

Personalized Diaper Bags

When I became pregnant with my second child, I found myself browsing around online one day for various baby gear. I started to look at diaper bags and came across a few different pages that offered up personalized diaper bags. Yes, I know, the “P” word had been something that always ruffled my feathers in the past. However, now that I was faced with such cute and stylish diaper bags, I couldn’t help but think that I could’ve been wrong just this once. Well, don’t tell anyone. I guess I was wrong.

Have to Admit Personalized Diaper Bags Look Good

Personalized Diaper Bags

I don’t want to give that crazy, over-personalizing mom at the playground too much credit, but I guess that there are certain instances where a personalized item can be just right. I really liked the personalized diaper bags, and I actually had found a website that would let me customize the bag right down to the very last detail. We knew that we were having a girl and we had already decided on her name , so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to design my bag.

Great Options

Personalized Diaper Bags

Long gone are the days where you have to pick from a boxy diaper bag. With personalized diaper bags, you have great options in bags that carry like a tote or even those that are more like a backpack of sorts. Most of the bags that are available for personalization have plenty of space to pack stuff along with some great pockets that zip for added convenience. By the time I was done looking around, I wanted just about every single diaper bag model that I looked at. Maybe it was the simple fact that I had already had one child, so I knew what I needed in terms of a diaper bag or it could have even been that I was nesting. No matter what the reason was, I ended up with a great bag that was fully personalized with our daughters name. There was even a cute changing pad that I got to match for the inside that I had monogrammed with her initials.

Great As A Gift

When you stop to think about baby shower gifts, there is nothing like something that is stylish as well as functional. With personalized diaper bags, you are giving the parents to be something that they can cherish as well as use for the duration. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower or a child’s arrival, personalized diaper bags are always a hit.


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