Avoiding Painful Childbirth Naturally

Avoiding Painful Childbirth Naturally

When a mother-to-be consults with her physician about pain management options for her upcoming labor and delivery, often the only type of pain management that is discussed is an epidural. There are other methods to make painful childbirth a lot more bearable that don’t involve a needle going into a woman’s back or the risks that are not always discussed that come with the use of epidural.

Using an Epidural is Not Natural

The epidural procedure is common but not natural. The procedure involves a needle going into the lower back of a woman in labor and delivering a local anesthetic. Depending on the amount of anesthesia used, the woman may not be able to feel anything from the injection site down, or with lower doses she may be able to have some feeling so she can assist with pushing during delivery. There are risks that the needle will puncture the dura (the bag that holds that spinal fluid and brain), and if any of the fluid leaks out, the result can be an excruciating epidural headache a well as a danger of stroke. The occurrence of epidural headache will happen to an average of 1 in 100 women and the headache can be accompanied by severe nausea, inability to sit or stand without severe pain, or sensitivity to light or sound.

Benefits of Laboraide to Beat Painful Childbirth

Laboraide involves no invasive procedures, no needles, and no side effects. This is a 100% natural method to reduce the pain of childbirth and delivery. Additionally the woman using the Laboraide method will allow her to be in total control of the amount of pain relief she requires at every stage of labor. Because there are no drugs involved, there are no side effects from using the Laboraide method of pain management. The device can be worn on the upper or lower teeth, and it does not impede speech nor breathing. It’s a very discreet method of pain management.

Painful Childbirth Natural Solutions

The Laboraide works by allowing a woman to bite down on a specially designed device that will help her focus her energies and discourage the sensations of pain she may be feeling with every labor contraction. Laboraides start at 1mm for light pain and progress to the 7mm thickness size to enable a woman to cope with severe pain during labor and delivery.

Comparing the Epidural Procedure to Laboraide

Many women do choose to use the epidural method, despite the risks. The Laboraide method is risk-free and in both clinical trials and use by women giving birth, no side effects were found. The biting down during labor offers the ability of the woman in labor to focus her energies as well as relieve stress in her neck and jaw that can accompany labor. An epidural, even a walking epidural can diminish a woman’s ability to assist in the birth of her child and make her unable to push. Using a Laboraide not only leaves a woman able to fully push as necessary to deliver her child, the pushing time needed for delivery was reduced by almost half for women that utilized the Laboraide product as their choice to manage pain during childbirth. Additionally, there is usually a period of recovery needed after an epidural for feeling and full use to return to the lower extremities. There is no numbness or drugs to wear off when using Laboraide.

There is no need to be fearful or worried about a painful childbirth experience. There are pain management options available. Look into the benefits of Laboraide as an alternative solution to using an epidural.


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