Pack & Play for NewBorns

Pack & Play for NewBorns

I always thought that a Pack & Play was for an older baby, I had no idea they had something for newborns. I got given the Graco Pack & Play Newborn Napper as a shower gift, and I had no idea how handy it would come in. I swear this thing is like having a traveling nursery with you, plus it makes it easy to have your baby close to you. I didn’t have a bassinet and getting my son’s crib into our already tiny bedroom would have not been a possibility. So this worked out great.

What’s so Special About This Pack & Play?

Pack & Play

First of all, the fabric they used in designing this play yard was given thought. It’s not some hard, sketchy cotton with a low thread count. This is a soft, snuggly velour that is soothing to the touch. Also, I was happy to find out that this particular play yard is designed to be used with my baby as a newborn, to an infant using the playard and a toddler. I will get a couple of years of use out of this easily.

Other Features I Like

Pack & Play

I told you this thing is like a traveling nursery and I wasn’t kidding. We have just barely scratched the surface for what’s available here. The bassinet has a nice canopy that keeps the light out of my son’s eyes. Plus, there is a storage hamper on the side to keep clothes, diapers, and other items you need for day-to-day handy and ready to use. Last but not least, I really like the changing table. Apparently Graco revamped their design for this model of the Pack & Play and now the changing table holds up to 30-lbs and has been designed to be larger. I just know it’s really convenient and I didn’t have to get a separate changing table. One less thing to buy for the nursery and saving money always makes me happy.

Cool Accessories for Your Pack & Play

Pack & Play

There are a lot of accessories you can get for your play yard to make it even more functional. I highly suggest mosquito netting if you’re going to be spending any time outdoors in the warmer months. Also another lesson I learned from another Mom with 3 kids is to have a spare mattress pad and cover in case your baby gets sick and you need to wash it. That way there’s no waiting when you need to change the bedding. There are comfy quilted sheets, organic bedding sets, and play yard mobiles. I learned the hard way to mobile designed for a play yard, the crib mobile I tried to attach was too heavy for the sides.

Great for Traveling

We haven’t gone many places except for my parents in the next state during the holidays, but this made the trip very easy. The bassinet and changing table don’t fold up but everything else does. There’s a push button folding system, where you just push and the play yard folds up. You’re ready to go. Set up is really easy too.

I would recommend the Graco Pack & Play with Newborn Napper for anyone that wants a play yard. This will eliminate the need for a bassinet and a changing table. Plus it’s so convenient to take a safe and comfortable sleeping area as well as play area for your baby along. We scoot our Pack & Play all over the house so our baby is with us and if we need to put him down, he has a safe place to be.


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