Pack n Play Bassinet for Twins Review

Pack n Play Bassinet for Twins Review

I get asked often how wound up owning a Pack n Play Bassinet for my twins. I already had two children aged 4 and 2 when baby #3 decided to join our family. I can’t even tell you how shocked I was when the doctor told me she heard two heartbeats and then the sonogram confirmed it. It was not the most pleasant pregnancy, and I was on bed rest from the 6th month on until my twins showed up at 35-weeks, small at around 4-lbs each, but healthy. Nothing in this world will prepare you for having twin newborns. If you know how demanding the schedule can be those first few weeks with a newborn, just multiply it by two, and that’s pretty close to how you feel. I swear I was meeting myself in the hallways on some of those 3am feedings. My husband felt the same.

I Need a Sleeping Solution

Pack n Play Bassinet

I had a nursery set up for both my children, but tramping down the hall to two babies who were basically waking each other up crying on top of being voracious eaters, was proving to not be working out. Co-sleeping with two babies in the bed was something my husband, and I briefly discussed, and I admire anyone that does co-sleep, it’s just not for us. The next obvious choice was to move their cribs into the bedroom, but our room just would not hold two more pieces of furniture. So, my search online started and that’s how I found the bassinet for twins.

Pack n Play Bassinet for Twins Overview

Pack n Play Bassinet

There is a roomy playard my twins will enjoy when they get older and for now there are detachable bassinets that sit side by side. The bassinets are softly quilted making them very cozy. If I want, I can also remove the bassinets and let me babies nap wherever I happen to be in the home. I also really like the canopies over each bassinet so when I happen to turn on a light, it doesn’t shock their eyes.

Pack n Play Bassinet Pros and Cons

Pack n Play Bassinet

There are a lot of good features about this playard that I really like. It’s sturdy, I fully see my babies being able to use this up until they are toddlers. We love to travel, and it will be great to use for a portable crib as they get older too. My older two kiddos can share a bed in a hotel room. The only complaint I had was the bassinets didn’t seem firm enough to me. I found putting the bassinet pad in each bed completely solved that issue.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Pack n Play Bassinet

There are Graco bassinet sleeping systems for single babies, but if you have twins I definitely recommend this as a great way to have your babies near without taking up all the space you have left in your bedroom. It’s convenient to get those every few hours and care for your babies, and since I wasn’t as stressed, I really found my babies were calmer too. It’s worked out great.

I had never even looked at twin baby equipment prior to becoming a Mommy to twins. I was clueless what the best items were, but I will tell you that I wouldn’t be without my Pack n Play bassinet. It made those early transitional weeks run much smoother having the babies right beside the bed.


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