Concerns About the Pack and Play with Bassinet

Concerns About the Pack and Play with Bassinet

With baby #3 due to arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks, you know how babies are, they don’t really care what your doctor says, they pick the time and place to begin the arrival process. I have used a pack and play with bassinet with my other two babies, and I naturally assumed that with my coming child, I would use it in our room. However, I read a tragic story about two different children that were killed when the mechanism to hold up the bassinet failed. It wasn’t due to parental error or forgetting to make sure something was latched correctly, this was a full design flaw that Graco embraced and corrected on later manufactured models. However, I own one of those recalled Pack and Plays so using the bassinet is now out. I’m wondering if I should get a newer Pack and Play or try another method of sleeping with my baby. I’m still very interested in co-sleeping, and I’ll get into how these two things relate.

Personally No Issues with Pack and Play with Bassinet

Pack and Play with Bassinet

Let me stress, I personally never had an issue with the bassinet on the pack and play I used with my little ones; however I had to ask, “Did I just get lucky?” I tossed the bassinet attachment the day I read the story of the 3-month old injured and then found another story about a 13-month old also injured by the bassinet attachment. That was enough for me to decide not to use it and into the trash it went.

Co-Sleeping Pros and Cons

Pack and Play with Bassinet

I did a lot of research with my first child about co-sleeping, I realize this is a very contentious subject. I have met a good number of parents that only slept with their infants in the bed and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have also met parents that have their reason

Using a Pack and Play with Basinet for Co-Sleeping

Pack and Play with Bassinet

I ultimately used the Pack and Play as my co-sleeping solution. I loved sleeping close with my newborn in bed with me, and it made breastfeeding a thousand times easier to actually have the baby in the bed. But, ultimately the fact I’m a very heavy sleeper horrified me and I was waking up every few minutes to check my baby. So co-sleeping in the traditional sense wasn’t working for me. That’s how I wound up using the bassinet in the Play and Play. I could pull it closely to me and my baby and I were side by side. I thought it was a great solution that worked for me.

What to Do for Baby #3?

Pack and Play with Bassinet

Now I am currently without a bassinet and I’m really torn what to do. I loved how my way of co-sleeping worked out. It was easy to be near by baby without worrying myself by my super heavy sleeping. Now with the due date literally any time, I need to come up with a solution.

I think as much as I’d like to do traditional co-sleeping it’s just not an option for me and my husband. He is a very light sleeper but that wouldn’t help me one bit. My fears would still be there and when I’m a tired Mommy, I’m a cranky Mommy. Which is not the face I want to put forth to my family. I think I’m going to read some more consumer safety reports and reviews to make sure there are no issues with the current Pack and Play with Bassinet models and probably replace the one I have.


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