Stay Away From My Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

Stay Away From My Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

I have two children, both of which do not like to cooperate with me whenever I have to go out into public to get errands done. What can I do, right? Recently, we were at the laundry mat because we were out of luck with our own washer at home. Instead of letting all of the laundry pile up and overtaking our household, we had to make our way to get it done. Taking my two children with me is a task for sure, with one of them being three and the other being only 11 months old. But, I had to do it. We set out for the adventure with snacks and toys in hand. Most of the day went well, with the exception that I almost lost half of a basket of laundry to one woman who was just in awe at the bedding that I have for my little one. I looked over, and she was touching some of the organic cotton crib sheets that we have for him. Shocked for sure, I asked her if there was something I could help her with. She explained to me that she was sorry but that she had never felt baby bedding that was so soft to the touch. She proceeded to tell me that she is going to be a grandmother soon, and she wanted to know where I got them. I showed her some of the other organic cotton crib sheets that I had with me to wash , and she was instantly in love. Could it be that there were a lot of people just like her who have never experienced the overwhelmingly amazing feeling of organic cotton?

Why Organic Cotton Crib Sheets?

Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

When I was a new mom to my oldest child, I felt that there had to be better options for bedding out there. I began going through a lot of the baby magazines and websites to see what all of the different types were. Of course, I found a lot of the staple brands and some of the common styles that a lot of us would imagine when it comes to crib sheets, filled with frills and fancy designs. While looking around, I discovered that there are a lot of pesticides and chemicals that go into the making of most crib sheets that are on the market. Because these chemicals are highly hazardous, I knew that I had to get rid of the crib sheets that we owned right away. Using organic cotton crib sheets, I know that I have a quality product that is free from a lot of the chemicals that go into both the growing and production of cotton fabrics. Not only the organic option just right to keep your baby feeling soft and cozy but I just love them because I do not have to worry that my kids are subjected to anything that is bad for them while they sleep at night. I love organic so much that I switched to organic cotton sheets for my bedding as well, and I will honestly never switch back.

Cool Facts About Organic Crib Sheets

Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

What you may not know is that organic cotton crib sheets are also hypoallergenic so if you happen to have a little one who is more sensitive, these sheets are the perfect choice. I noticed that a lot of moms and dads of preemies like to go with organic simply because they are perfect and offer no chance of irritation. You just have to make sure that you are buying sheet sets for the crib that are completely organic in nature.

Hands Off Lady

Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

While I don’t mind giving out information on organic cotton crib sheets, I can say that I wasn’t about to let this woman take mine home to try them out for her new grandchild. If you have organic sheets, you may want to keep an eye on them if you end up in a laundry mat as there could be someone looking to snuggle up in them!


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