Cool Life Hack – Make Your Own Organic Baby Wipes

Cool Life Hack – Make Your Own Organic Baby Wipes

My journey into being healthier started with a simple commitment to use cloth diapers. I wanted to save money and do something good for the planet. My first attempt to buy “healthy” organic baby wipes is laughable to me now. I didn’t fully understand what the term organic meant, and I bought a major name brand of baby wipes with cucumber and green tea. Cucumber is healthy, and so is green tea right? Well, turns out when my dear husband and I looked up the ingredients, we were horrified. In these baby wipes are chemicals linked to cancer, toxins build-up that affects the immune system, developmental issues, reproductive issues, and organ dysfunction. We were horrified and thought there must be a better way to do this.

Reasons to Make Your Own Baby Wipes

Organic Baby Wipes

Finding out the harmful chemicals in most commercial baby wipes was bad enough, I also wanted to make something good for our baby’s skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. It absolutely matters what you put on it. So I wanted to get this right from the time my baby was small. I felt terrible about the few times I used the green tea and cucumber baby wipes I bought and resolved to do better immediately. I started researching how to do a total lifehack and make my own baby wipes. I took the best parts from many different sources and built my own formula that I felt was the healthiest and best choice for my baby. I am currently using the paper towel version I give you the first how-to for below. The second method is for reusable baby wipes, something I am switching over to when this last batch of paper towel wipes is done.

Materials for Disposable Organic Baby Wipes

Organic Baby Wipes

You will love how easy these are to make. For either the disposable or reusable baby wipes you will need the following:

1 Roll of Paper Towels. Get a good brand – cheap paper towels don’t hold up. 1 container to hold half of a paper towel roll you can put a lid on. I used an empty ice cream bucket. 2 cups boiled water
1 Tablespoon of aloe vera gel (make sure it’s just aloe vera) 1 Tablespoon of Witch Hazel
2 Tablespoons of Castille Soap (Liquid)

Optional Additions – if you think your baby may have sensitive skin, you can skip these: Only choose one if you are adding a scent to your wipes. 10 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract

10 drops Vitamin E
1 tablespoon of pure olive oil
1 tablespoon almond oil
6 drops lavender essential oils
6 drops calendula or chamomile

Once you have the ingredients together, putting together your baby wipes goes very quickly. Take your paper towel roll and cut it in half. I use an electric knife, and it make extremely short work of it. Next, place your paper towel roll half into the container you’re going to be using for your wipes. Add the aloe vera gel, witch hazel and castille soap to your 2 cups of boiled water, and any essential oils you want at this time. Then, pour it over the paper towels. Put the lid tightly on your container and turn the container gently over and over until everything is soaked. It usually takes about 5 minutes. That’s it, you’re done.

Making Reusable Baby Wipes

Organic Baby Wipes

You make reusable baby wipes exactly the same way, you just use fabric instead of paper towels. I found cloth diapers are far too absorbent to use, but retired receiving blankets work really well. Just cut into squares and lay flat in your container and pour the mixture over them. I put my used cloth baby wipes in the diaper pail to wash with my soiled diapers, so I have a never ending supply of baby wipes I can feel good about.

Storing Organic Baby Wipes

Organic Baby Wipes

I have two containers I use for baby wipes. When one container is used, I always have another ready to go. I like to sterilize the just used container before I use it again. This way I always have a clean, sterile container ready to go and hold more wipes.

I highly recommend making your own organic baby wipes to any mom. It’s easy, and you save a ton of money. Plus, you should be able to feel good about every single thing you do for your baby, including using baby wipes.


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