Top 4 Organic Baby Toys

Top 4 Organic Baby Toys

It seems like everyone in my group of friends right now is expecting. We have a joke about a particular chair in a mutual friend’s house causing this baby explosion. I like to put together gift baskets for mommy-to-be’s, and I like to include lots of organic items, including organic baby toys. I’ve been shopping quite a lot lately for a variety of toys to include in my gift baskets, and I wanted to share what I feel are the top 4 baby toys that also happen to be organic.

Great First Organic Baby Toys

Organic Baby Toys

My go-to choice for first toys is always the Green Toys My First Stacker. This is one that I tend to give out often to new moms because it’s such a simple, yet stimulating toy for babies. My own children couldn’t get enough of this toy and did begin to learn their colors from it. The coolest part of this toy is that it’s made from recycled milk jugs. There are no BPA, phthalates or PVC in the plastic used. It’s made and assembled in the great state of California. The main thing I really liked about the design is that it is rings nested in rings. Remember the older style stacker that had the center post you placed the rings over and inevitably, even though Mom said, “Don’t run!”, someone did and fell into the post? I was that kid and I remember my mother telling me about knocking the air out of myself falling on that plastic post. I like the extra safety in this post-free design that doesn’t diminish a bit of the fun your baby will have.

Fun for Building Grasping and Fine Motor Skills

Organic Baby Toys

Under the Nile is a very fun toy for babies. Best of all, it’s totally cool if they put each and every piece in their drooling, little mouths because this toy made for that among other things. This is a fun collection of soft, cotton veggies in a farmer’s crate. All soft and made from fair-trade, organically cultivated cotton that is also hand-picked and certified 100% organic. The cotton is grown in a sustainable manner and hand-dyed. My kids loved a very simple game of handing me the veggies and then putting them back the crate, another game they loved was to guess which veggie I “hid” under the crate, I don’t even know how many hours we played that one. When the veggies get dirty, just toss into a lingerie bag and pop into the washing machine, they clean up perfectly. Coincidentally, this set includes a tomato, green bean, carrot, mushroom and my kids had no issues eating all those foods, I think in part because they were already friends.

Fantastic First Toy

Organic Baby Toys

The Green Toys Twist Teether Toy is a good first toy for your little one. It’s easy for little hands to grasp and helps develop those skills. Your baby will enjoy shaking this teether and making noise with it. The 3-D textures on each of the “rattles” are designed to stimulate your baby’s tactile and visual senses. One mom told me she put this teether in the freezer to get it nice and cold to soothe her baby’s sore gums when he was teething. This teether is made and assembled in America from 100% food-safe recycled plastic milk containers.

Noise-Making Organic Baby Toys

Organic Baby Toys

My son loves anything noisy. Once he could crawl, I already had child-proofed all the cabinets that had anything in them he shouldn’t get to. Of course, he figured out the pots and pans cabinet held wonderful delights especially when banged with a spoon. The Wonderworld Musical Tree isn’t as noisy, but it’s good fun for babies. Each piece is detachable and makes its own individual type of sound. The toy is made of sustainable Rubberwood, and painted using non-toxic dyes and paints. I love making gifts for my friends who are expecting, and I love sharing how many cool organic baby toys are out there now. Those are my top 4 picks that I normally buy, do you have a favorite organic brand of baby toys? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know.


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