Top 5 Best Organic Baby Products

Top 5 Best Organic Baby Products

I’m happy to say I’m about 6 weeks away from the arrival of my second baby. My oldest just turned 3, and he can’t wait to meet his new brother. I’ve been having some extreme swelling and I’ve had to take off early from my job for more bedrest. My little guy has been awesome during the day, and my husband has been a big help every night when he gets off work. However, I can’t sleep so while everyone snoozes, I’ve been sitting up and making lists. I have been getting into organic baby and child products, and I’d like to share a list with you that I made of what I personally consider the top 5 best organic baby products for your nursery.

Organic Baby Products I Cannot Live Without

Organic Baby Products

I thought I was really careful when my son was an infant. That was just a very short time ago. I realize now that I’ve gotten more educated on making organic choices, how much better I could have been. One of the biggest changes I made was how I cleaned the house. I thought about my baby crawling through toxic cleaner residue on floors, and other ways I was using chemicals to clean, and it just didn’t make sense. You can get the same level of cleanliness using non-toxic methods, which I will go into below.

Best Organic Crib and Mattress

Organic Baby Products

This was another wake-up call for me. I didn’t know some crib mattresses had toxic substances in them. My favorite crib is the The Oeuf Crib. It’s a beautiful crib crafted out of birch and finished with a nontoxic lacquer paint. The base is made from fiberboard made from reclaimed wood fibers. IKEA also has a great crib made by Leksvik that is made from renewable wood sources however, it has questionable glues used that are listed as “less toxic.” My favorite crib mattress is the Naturepedic 2 in 1 Ultra Mattress. This crib mattress has none of the toxins that can leech into your child’s bones and is very well made.

Best Organic Bedding

Organic Baby Products

I’ve been pouring over crib bedding at online stores. Once of the prettiest sets I’ve run across that meets my standards for organic bedding too is the Q Collection Organic Crib Sets. They have a very cute pattern called Sky Celestial Parade. I love elephants and organic cotton, I get both in this snazzy little crib set. Another fabric to try to sheets is bamboo. It’s a highly sustainable material as it grows very fast, something like 4-inches per day, and it becomes a very soft fabric for crib sheets and bedding.

Best Organic Teethers

Organic Baby Products

Teethers are another item you have to think about. A lot of teethers are plastic blends that have chemicals and toxins you don’t want around your baby and certainly not in his mouth. Sophie the Giraffe is one of the cutest organic teethers I’ve run across. This teether is crafted from natural rubber and colored using non-toxic food paint. It has no BPA or phthalates.

Best Organic Baby Care Products

Organic Baby Products

Once you get over the shock of realizing your non-organic crib mattress has toxins, the crib sheets may have chemicals, and then you think about the simple act of changing your baby’s diaper and the wipes you use. Yep, chemicals you don’t need to put on your baby’s skin there too. VedaPure’s VedaBaby items are one of my favorites. I learned to DIY my own diaper wipes and I turn to VedaBaby products for soothing skin care for my son and soon-to-be-here baby. Granted, your baby doesn’t need a lot of stuff at first, but I swear by their baby shampoo and body wash.

Best Organic Baby Products for Cleaning

Organic Baby Products

Believe it or not, I use white vinegar and water in a 50/50 mix in a spray bottle to do a lot of my cleaning around the house as it both cleans and disinfects. I don’t particularly like the smell either, but it disappears once the vinegar evaporates. A mixture of 1 cup olive oil and one-half cup of lemon juice will make a great cleaner for wood and again, is non-toxic. I keep a jug of Simple Green around for those times when I need something even stronger, but it’s not often I need it even though Simple Green is non-toxic too.

I’m looking forward to being off bedrest and having my new baby here. In the meantime, I’m going to be making lists for the baby items I like and share them with you. If you have your own organic baby products you like, I’d love to hear about them.


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