Should I Make or Buy an Organic Baby Blanket?

Should I Make or Buy an Organic Baby Blanket?

I took sewing in high school ten years ago, and over the past summer I started getting a bug to sew. You don’t want to even know how bad I did in Home Ec, I am pretty sure the teacher just passed me to be nice, but I did manage to learn to sew a straight stitch on a sewing machine and sew buttons back on my shirts. Once my daughter was here, I had dreams I was going to sew so many baby clothes. I had a sewing machine my Mom gave me, and I bought the prettiest fabrics and patterns to make lovely dresses. The patterns are still pinned to the fabric and it’s still waiting to be sewn, and my daughter is now 4-years old. I am pregnant with my second child now, and I want to start simple, and I thought a baby blanket may be simple enough to begin with. So, I’m looking for fabric and a pattern for an organic baby blanket. Join me on my journey.

Sources Online for an Organic Baby Blanket

Organic Baby Blanket

I was looking online for a baby blanket. I haven’t gone in for my sonogram to see if I am having a boy or a girl, but I’m not one of those people that will only have blue for a boy and pink for a girl. My daughter never liked pink (which is a good thing my not actually sewing those dresses for her worked out that way, the fabrics were all pink). So, I’m not committed to any particular color scheme, I can tell you I do not want anything yellow. I found some stores online that had gorgeous baby blankets made from organic cotton, but I think I really want to make my new baby a blanket. I just can’t bring myself to cop out and buy one.

Baby Blanket Patterns Online

Organic Baby Blanket

Once I started looking for baby blanket patterns online, I hit the jackpot. In fact, it was a little overwhelming. I thought I was looking for a big square to sew the edges under. I found far more ideas than that. I found so many great sites that had free patterns and then I wound up at Pinterest. I found some excellent ideas for putting together an easy baby blanket myself. Even ways to hide my stitches around the edges of the baby blanket with pretty trims in case they aren’t actually all that straight.

Best Fabrics for an Organic Baby Blanket

Organic Baby Blanket

I only have one choice for a fabric store in the rural area I live in and the owner was nice, but she giggled when I asked if they had any organic fabrics suitable for making a baby blanket. Which left it all up to online shopping for organic fabrics. I found a lot of really cute choices.

Is Making or Buying a Baby Blanket More Economical?

Organic Baby Blanket

Probably at the end of the day, it’s not cheaper for me to make a single baby blanket. Once I hone my sewing skills, I think making my own blankets out of good materials will be a money saver. There are definite deals on baby blankets out there, but once you add in the fact you want the blanket to be free of pesticides, chemicals, and toxins, it starts increasing the price right there. So sourcing your own organic fabrics isn’t a bad idea at all.

I think I’m going to enjoy making an organic baby blanket. I found a local group of moms that jokingly refer to ourselves as the “Non-Sewing Mom Club” and we are going to endeavor to make quilts together. One of the mothers in our group is very experienced and is going to show us the basics. From what I’ve seen a basic quilt is a lot of squares, it looks easy enough to learn. I can’t wait!


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