Top 5 Weirdest Organic Baby Bedding Sets

Top 5 Weirdest Organic Baby Bedding Sets

When I was putting together a top 5 list of  baby organic baby bedding sets that were cool for various reasons and where to buy them; I ran across a company that had some of the strangest bedding for babies I’ve run across called Jaminga. I also went through Etsy, Ebay, looked for random handmade items, and put together a fun list of the top 5 weirdest baby bedding sets I located on the Internet.

Number 5 – Day of the Dead Organic Baby Bedding Sets

Organic Baby Bedding Sets

Are you into Day of the Dead or know someone that is? Jaminga has a few designs to meet your need for sugar skills and other fun trappings. There is a black crib set that has colorful, large grinning skulls. I think my kiddos would find them a little scary, but my sister visited when I was putting this blog post together, and her son who is 2-years old, pointed and laughed when he saw them on my computer screen. So maybe they aren’t really that scary.

Number 4 – Punk Rock Baby Bedding Sets

Organic Baby Bedding Sets

I was never into punk rock, but I had a lot of friends that were. Jaminga has several punk designs. Including one crib set that is done in tattoos. One of my oldest friends has well over forty tattoos all over her body, and she absolutely loved this crib design when I showed it to her. She jokingly told me that maybe it was time for another baby just so she had a reason to buy one of those punk baby bedding sets. This set comes with contrasting red, brown, or black sheets.

Number 3 – Princess Glitter Skull Organic Baby Bedding Sets

Organic Baby Bedding Sets

This is another Jaminga design that really took me by surprise because I don’t like skulls, I don’t particularly like pink, and glitter, and I do not get along. However I thought this organic crib bedding set was really cute. It’s little pink skulls with glittery eyes and big pink bows on top. It’s not too girly but definitely feminine. The set tops off with a pink leopard crib bumper to accent the skulls.

Number 2 – Cheetah Baby Bedding

Organic Baby Bedding Sets

Do you love the look of cheetah? Yeah me neither but I know a lot of people that do. I shared this next set from Jaminga on my Facebook page, and I was surprised how many of my friends liked it. Moms I never guessed had a passion for the spots. You can get a faux fur (short nap) baby comforter, and it’s reversible with the tattoo fabric on the other side. Also comes with black or brown sheets. It was a little over-the-top for me, but like I said, a lot of Moms gave it the thumbs up.

Number 1 – Horror in the Crib

Organic Baby Bedding Sets

Okay I saved the weirdest for last, are you ready for this:? How about a some real monsters for the crib? Like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman? RockerByeBaby on Etsy makes handmade baby bedding out of horror fabrics. That’s way to scary for my kids, but somehow I think my little nephew would love it. Those are my choices for the weirdest organic baby Bedding sets I found available today. I think some of it borders on a little too scary for most kids, but some kids like my nephew is who apparently fearless, probably would thinking of sleeping on sugar skulls or with Dracula. If you have a favorite off the wall place to get crib bedding, leave it in the comments, I’d love to see it.


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