I Got Scared Into Buying Organic Baby Bedding Crib Sets

I Got Scared Into Buying Organic Baby Bedding Crib Sets

Sitting in my OB-Gyn’s office for my check up to see how my pregnancy is progressing, I read an article that truly scared me. It talked about the chemicals that are legally in crib mattresses. Those chemicals are absorbed into your baby’s body through not only breathing them in but also skin absorption. This immediately made me start looking into alternatives for crib mattresses and then my concern carried to the fabrics my baby would be laying in her crib. That’s when I made the decision to only use organic baby bedding crib sets in my nursery.

Reasons to Go Organic in Baby Items

I’ve been reading every safety study and online report I can find about baby items now. Of course, when you don’t have kids you don’t really give two shakes of a lamb’s tail whether or not that silicone is toxic or that the mattress is off-gassing questionable substances. Then when you’re in the parent role, it becomes about your child, your family, and suddenly a lot of things you never considered become oh so important. Besides the fact it’s safer to not use items produced with toxic chemicals, poisonous substances and the worst, chemicals linked to cancer; if there’s a chance, well that’s enough of a risk for me to find a safe alternative. Plus, often I find I’m supporting small business by buying organic. The quilt I got for my baby was handmade from organically grown cotton and made in a village and sold through Fair Trade. Not only can I feel good about the items I buy for my baby, I can feel good about helping small business instead being just another sale for a large corporation.

Learning About Baby Bedding Crib Sets

I had already chosen some items for my nursery, and after I read that information in my doctor’s office, I had to make a lot of new choices. One of the first things I changed was the crib, which lead to choosing an organic cotton mattress, and finally the bedding. I wanted to get something both soft and safe. I don’t know why but I thought organic materials would be hard or almost unbending. I couldn’t have been more wrong on that one. Organic cotton is just as soft as any other baby bedding I looked at.

Places to Shop for Baby Bedding Crib Sets Online

One of my favorite places to get ideas is Pinterest. You can put “organic baby items” or “organic baby bedding” in as a search term and get numerous boards with a ton of visuals. Another favorite place I have enjoyed shopping is Etsy. Everything there is supposed to be handmade, although it doesn’t always work like that. Just look closely at the seller and Google them. It’s easy to find out the mass sellers that are selling there and avoid them.

Can Vintage Be Considered Organic?

A dumb mistake I made a few months ago when I started learning about this was thinking I could just buy vintage items. That was a huge mistake. I found out from chatting with more knowledgeable people that older cribs were legally painted with lead based paints, and also there’s a great possibility the bars could be an unsafe distance apart. And I learned about toxic dyes and other things that would be really inappropriate to use in the present.

Looking back, yes initially I made the decision to go for organic baby bedding crib sets out of fear. I didn’t really understand what going organic meant, but I did understand that toxins are bad. I’ve spent these last few months of my pregnancy getting quite and education about how to obtain organically grown items and separating the truth from the hysteria. And yes, there’s a lot of hysteria out there and over-the-top claims. I have learned the chemicals in baby mattresses, and lax regulations for some toys are a reality, fortunately there are a lot choices now, so it’s easier than ever to make good healthy choices for your baby, I know I am.


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