Why Nursing Nightgowns are So Much Easier

Why Nursing Nightgowns are So Much Easier

I am a mom of three beautiful kids. With my oldest two I was not able to nurse them, so when I had my third, which was a surprise, I committed early on to the idea of doing whatever I had to do to nurse him. I wanted to experience that bond. However, when I began my adventure of nursing night time feedings quickly became a pain in the rear end. I have always worn nightgowns to sleep in and when you are nursing a little one, it is not something you can do easily. The days of sitting around in my gown during the morning was over cause I didn’t want to pull up my gown that high with my other two kids running around. Nursing in bed while we co-slept meant I had to worry about whether he could breathe around my nightgown. Then I heard about nursing nightgowns.

First-Time Nursing Mom Learns a Lesson

Nursing Nightgowns

For daytime, a nursing mom like me could have pants, shirts and even bras that make life easier. When I found out about a nursing gown, I decided that I had to give it a try as well. As soon as I used it that first night, I was in love. It was nighttime nursing made simple. I had no reason to go to bed fully dressed and uncomfortable. I had no reason to worry about whether he could breathe around a bulky nightgown. My problems were solved and I wondered why more people didn’t advertise that they were available to nursing moms.

How a Nursing Nightgown Works

Nursing Nightgowns

All you have to do is lift a flap or separate a double layer of material within the top part of your gown and you are exposed to your little one. It allows you to stay covered so you can relax in your gown even with older children running around. If company shows up, you do not have to worry about them seeing your underwear or your breast. It is just a gown that makes nursing mommy-hood simpler and if you are like me, who still had a few pounds to lose so that I could get back into my regular lounge around the house clothes, you will also enjoy the comfort of your new nightgown.

Comfort Before and After Your Baby Arrives

Nursing Nightgowns

Nursing nightgowns, if you do your research, are perfect for not only nursing but also for pregnancy. They are designed to accommodate your growing belly. They also do not look like “maternity” clothes. Some of the styles available will still allow you to feel sexy even with your pregnant belly. You can get both winter and summer styles. They are available in a variety of material types. I wear mine all the time now as a nursing mom and wish I had known about them while I was pregnant.

Nursing Nightgown Not for You? No Problem!

Nursing Nightgowns

There are also pajamas available if you would rather avoid the nightgowns during lazy weekends when all you plan to do is sit around the house and relax. There are also a variety of two piece pajama sets available in a variety of styles to suit your personality and your needs.

If you are pregnant or nursing and want to make you life a little more comfortable, two of the top manufacturers of nursing nightgowns and pajama sets are Olian Maternity and Japanese Weekend. You may discover, as I already have, that nursing does not have to mean you give up the right to feel great about yourself and maintain some privacy. I imagine that I will still wear mine long after my nursing days are done just because I love them so much.


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