Live Life More Comfortable with Natural Sport Shoes

Live Life More Comfortable with Natural Sport Shoes

I wanted to give my guy a voice here and he loves sports shoes. We’re both active but here’s his journey to finding some shoes he loves. Take it away honey!

A Little Background

Natural Sport Shoes

I am a man that leads a very active lifestyle and I would not have it any other way. I enjoy spending time with my kids and coach my son’s T-Ball team. I make time to shoot hoops with the guys I’ve known since childhood. My wife and I do all our own yard work, and get out into the yard to play with our son. I also pursue running as both a hobby and an exercise. Therefore, when I heard that there were natural sport shoes available, I had to check into it to see if I could learn a little more.

Searching for Natural Sport Shoes

Natural Sport Shoes

It did not take long for me to discover that Dr. Scholls is the brand that makes this type of shoes. It also did not take me long to realize why they were called, “Natural”. They use only environmentally friendly products to create this type of sports shoes. They even use a water-based glue to hold them together. I admit, I worry about the environment because I want my son to have a good world when he is grown. I also admit that I was a little leery of water-based glue. I had to wonder exactly what would happen if they were to get wet but I decided to try them out anyway.

The Pros of My Choice in Natural Sport Shoes

Natural Sport Shoes

These shoes have several layers to protect your feet from shock and help you foot to stay straight within the shoe no matter what you are doing. They have a gel insert, fabric cover to prevent your feet from sweating, arch supports and an extra layer of foam for even more comfort. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I have always known that this type of shoe was some of the better brands but I they were well beyond my expectations. I even intentionally got them wet a few times to ensure that the glue would hold up. They by far outlived all of my expectations and no matter what type of activity I did while wearing them my feet remained comfortable while they were on. Where other types of shoes would leave me aching within two months, I wore my first pair for four and still never felt pain. The only reason I got a new pair was because I kind of began to feel sorry for the shoes.

Yep Still Sold on Them

Natural Sport Shoes

I am about ready to purchase my third pair of natural sports shoes. The second pair has lasted just as long as the first ones and I do not think that I will ever trust another pair of sports shoes from any other company. One day while shooting hoops, my friend started complaining that he was getting old. His game was slow and he was limping around a little bit. After reminding him that I was the same age as him, I suggested he get this type of shoe. He has also sworn total devotion to them. Now I will say to you, if you have feet, back or leg issues that do not seem to improve, perhaps you should change your shoes to a more natural kind. It could be the best investment you will ever make for your feet.

I hate to admit it, but I really saw no need for years to change my shoes to accommodate various activities. I would go right after work and run errands on the way home, or other responsibilities. Now, I kick off my work shoes, and put on my comfy shoes. There’s a huge difference between dress shoes and natural sport shoes in terms of how much more mileage I can get out of my day by wearing comfortable shoes.


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