Top 5 Weirdest Mobiles for Cribs

Top 5 Weirdest Mobiles for Cribs

I was discussing mobiles for cribs with my BFF the other day, and she told me about this really scary crib mobile that her very avant-garde mother-in-law got for her baby shower. She told me she unwrapped the crib mobile, and she knew her face dropped. She recovered quickly and smiled and said it was the cutest thing ever. In fact, she thought it was the scariest thing ever she told me. It had werewolves, vampires, and zombies on it. Can you imagine putting that over your baby’s face? I love horror movies, but I’d have to say no to that too. I decided just for fun to look around for some of the oddest and weirdest crib mobiles I could find.

Rick Rack Animal Mobiles for Cribs

Mobiles for Cribs

Instead of Google, I headed to Pinterest and found a lot of really bizarre crib mobiles. The first one that I looked at was really funky. It had what appeared to be carved wooden animals. They were hanging from strands of rick rack. My tween son said it looked like the animals were hanging by their intestines. To cap off this horrific mobile, the rick rack is suspended over a very industrial looking metal ring. I’m not even sure how many safety codes for babies that mobile breaks.

A Crib Mobile for the Future Chef

Mobiles for Cribs

If you think you’re baby may grow up to be the next Paula Deen or Chef Emeril, you need this crib mobile. It has toast with jam, a tomato, a cupcake, pancakes, corn on the cob, and boiled eggs all floating around on thin wires over your baby’s face. Another scary one for budding baby chefs was constructed solely out of wooden cooking utensils balanced on a wooden spoon hanging from a chain. Nothing about that says soothing for baby.

Retro Scary Mobiles for Cribs

Mobiles for Cribs

This one takes the cake. How about a crib mobile made out of really safe matches and toothpicks? Now the matches and toothpicks are made into pretty suns. Seriously, I’d have to hang that mobile in another room about one inch off the ceiling to ever feel safe with it around my baby. Another retro crib mobile that I found wasn’t really scary just lacking in something. It has 3 small woven fish. That’s it. I guess it could have bored my baby to sleep.

Star Wars Mobile

Mobiles for Cribs

Yes, you can start your baby young. They are made by a woman named Andrea Burnett, and she sells them in her Etsy store. You can get a custom mobile made with different spaceships from the films, the Death Star, and of course planets. I did not see anything about a Darth Vader or a Jabba the Hut.

The Weirdest Mobiles for Cribs Goes To…

Mobiles for Cribs

I had two mobiles that took that cake for weirdness. The first was called a “Bohemian” crib mobile, and it consisted of 6 balls of different colored yarn hanging from some sticks. Seriously, it was didn’t say “Bohemian” as much as it said, “I really don’t care.” The other crib mobile that tied for weirdness was the “Nightmare Before Christmas” crib mobile that had Jack Sally, Oogie Boogie and several major characters. It was well done but a little creepy for a baby.

Those are the top 5 weirdest mobiles for cribs I ran across. While they are certainly unique, I don’t think any of them top the mobile my BFF described with monsters and zombies. If you have received a noteworthy crib mobile, leave it in the comments below. I’d love to know what you’ve seen.


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