Michael Kors Diaper Bag: The Un-Diaper Bag

Michael Kors Diaper Bag: The Un-Diaper Bag

I have been a huge fan of Michael Kors line of handbags, and when it came time to choose a diaper bag, I really wanted to get a bag for our baby gear that didn’t scream “THIS IS A DIAPER BAG!” I was really happy to find the number of large totes that Kors has in his line. I had bought a really cute diaper bag to use, but I was fast realizing it was too small to accommodate more than a single bottle and a few other items without pulling at the seams. That’s why I started looking at diaper bags, and then I let myself wander into the high-end diaper bags to see what was there. Up until now, I really didn’t even consider there was a choice in diaper bags.

What Lead to the Choice of a Michael Kors Diaper Bag

Michael Kors Diaper Bag

When you’re pregnant, you know how it is. It’s like your belly has some secret sign on it that reads, “Yes, I need your advice.” And you’ll get plenty of advice if tis’ your first baby, I know I did. One of the earliest pieces of advice I got from my BFF who has 3 kids was that a diaper bag is a diaper bag. So, the next time I was out, I just picked a diaper bag in a color I liked and thought nothing more about it. I used it when my baby got here and after 3 months of use, it was already falling apart. I wanted something that would last, and that’s when I started going through my closet and I found an old Marc Jacobs backpack that I didn’t use anymore. I started looking online for high-end diaper bags, and wound up on a site that had my favorite designer, Michael Kors, and there were totes I could use as diaper bags!

Great for Traveling with Your Baby

Michael Kors Diaper Bag

I wanted to carry only one bag for daily use, errands, outings, and traveling. I wanted something nice looking, useful, durable, and would hold my stuff as well as my son’s necessary items. I like the Michael Kors Large Hamilton Tote. It’s large and roomy, plus it’s a single bag I can use for both of us. My husband loves to hit a particular travel site every so often and snap up a weekend getaway deal. I know when we travel, I like to be as compact as possible, so I’m spending less time juggling bags and more time having fun with our baby. So, far it’s worked out really well, except for one thing.

The Only Thing I Don’t Like About the Michael Kors Diaper Bag

Michael Kors Diaper Bag

My one and sole complaint about the Hamilton Tote style is that it has a magnet closure. I wanted a zipper-style top closure. This bag had every other feature I wanted however. I have a nice changing pad folds down nicely inside this tote, and I use the Planet Wise wet/dry bags inside to hold anything soiled or wet that happens when we’re out and about. If you don’t already have one these wet/dry bags to use as an insert, I highly recommend them.

Is a High End Diaper Bag Worth It?

Michael Kors Diaper Bag

I would have to say definitely. In just under 3 months, my other diaper bag started falling apart. I had to juggle it with a purse, and the straps weren’t comfortable to use. The slightest bit of weight made the straps start cutting into my shoulders. My Michael Kors tote is well made, comfortable, and I fully see this tote giving me years of service when I no longer need it for diaper bag duties.

I know it sounds weird, but I don’t see any reason to have to use a separate diaper bag and purse. I put my wallet with my checkbook, some lip balm, iPhone, tissues in a small clutch that goes inside the Kors bag, and I’m good. I like having one bag for both my baby and I, instead of juggling a diaper bag for him and a purse for me. What’s your preference, one bag for both, or a separate diaper bag?


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