Maternity Stores with the Most Comfortable Clothes

Maternity Stores with the Most Comfortable Clothes

If someone were to ask me what I did during my first pregnancy, I would say that I spent a lot of my time in maternity stores. When my regular clothing started getting tight, I knew it was time to buy clothes to fit my expanding belly. There were several stores that I found that carried only maternity clothing, however most of what I found wasn’t comfortable. During my first trip at one of the stores, I started sorting through seasonal maternity clothes. While I did find the traditional maternity clothing that I needed, such as tops and pants that would fit throughout the months of pregnancy, the stores also had lingerie that looked flattering on my pregnant body. I can honestly say, I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life when I was pregnant and I never felt more attractive and downright sexy. Finding lingerie that made me feel beautiful while pregnant was the highlight of my pregnancy.

Maternity Stores with Clothes that Fit

Fitting into clothes was not the only concern I had while I was pregnant. I felt worried about getting stretch marks on areas of my body, especially my breasts and stomach area, because they were growing at a rapid pace. The maternity stores carried a huge selection of lotions and oils that are soothing and moisturizing. I ended up getting a few different brands so that I could try them all. In fact, I even bought a few bottles of cocoa butter lotion. The lotion had a wonderful smell and left my skin feeling so soft. I would use it in the morning after taking a shower and right before going to bed at night. Up until the day I gave birth, I was using these body lotions. I did not get many stretch marks at all.

More Than Clothes in Maternity Stores

The clothing and lotions were both products that I got at the maternity stores. However, they were not the only things that I found useful from these stores. In fact, I noticed that when I was trying to get rest at night at about five months pregnant, I had a tougher time falling asleep. As my body grew, I found it even more difficult to get a good night’s sleep because every position that I tried to sleep in was uncomfortable. Without much sleep at night, I was beginning to become one cranky pregnant woman. I decided to check the maternity stores again to see if they had anything that could help me get more rest or comfort while sleeping. I ended up finding maternity pillows and purchased one right away. The pillow was worth the investment because I could wrap my whole body around it. Once I bought the maternity pillow, I started sleeping soundly at night, and I no longer felt so cranky and frustrated.

Maternity Shopping Online

When I was pregnant with my second child, it was much easier. I knew about when I’d need to start wearing maternity clothes and when to start shopping. I found several good stores that carried comfy clothes that were also trendy. Mimi Maternity, which is now known as A Pea in the Pod, is a great source and also Motherhood Maternity are both great outlets to find fun mommy-to-be clothing.

Final Thoughts

My hubby and I are now discussing baby number 3 for our family. Our first baby wasn’t really planned, we just sort of had the attitude, if it happens, it happens. I realize now how naive that was. We are overjoyed to be parents however, and I have to admit one of my favorite things about being pregnant is being able to buy stylish, trendy maternity clothes. I never wanted to look frumpy when I am expecting.

I know a lot of pregnant women don’t opt for shopping in maternity stores online or off and choose to just buy larger sized shirts and pants. That will get you through your pregnancy of course, but I just think it is a lot more fun to dress to the nines when you’re a mommy-to-be and enjoy that extra support that clothing made for a pregnant body has.


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