Maternity Clothes That Don’t Make Me Look Like My Mother?

Maternity Clothes That Don’t Make Me Look Like My Mother?

What I should actually be saying is that I hate maternity clothes. I am in the beginning of my second pregnancy right now and I feel like I am searching tirelessly for maternity clothing that is not hideous or completely old fashioned. Sure, there are all sorts of companies and shops that swear that they have the best clothing for pregnant mothers, but they really need to have their eyes checked. Most of the items that I see resemble the ugly old housecoats that my grandmother would wear or the moo-moo type dresses that you would see the older ladies wearing to play shuffle board or bingo. They are just not my style at all.

I Don’t Want to Look Huge

Maternity Clothes

I am pregnant. I am not a house. I just have a belly with a tiny, amazing person growing inside of me. I really do not want to have outfits that are peppered with nasty floral prints, or bows, or sequins, or the horrid screen prints of animals or signs that say “Baby On Board”. If I wanted to wear something like that, I would simply head off to a construction site and toss one of the “Wide Load” signs in the back of my soccer mom van. Not only that, but most of the stuff that I find for pregnancy wear is just NOT comfortable at all. What do us women do who are pregnant and want to stay in line with the fashion that we are used to wearing?

Maternity Clothes Boutiques

Maternity Clothes

I have actually been lucky enough to find some decent items at some of the smaller, local maternity clothing shops in my area. In addition to that, there are some great boutiques online that seem to be run by women just like me who absolutely hate all of the ugly maternity wear that is out there. It may take a little bit of shopping around, but you are going to find the best pieces or complete outfits after you look at a couple of different options. You basically want to have items that are going to be flattering for all of your growing parts. I found that there are actually some pieces that you can buy from these specialty boutiques that can adapt and be worn all throughout the pregnancy regardless of how large your belly gets. What it comes down to is a lot of layering and creativity, as that seems to be the only way to get a lot of the looks that I feel comfortable and beautiful wearing while I am pregnant.

Wearing Your Regular Clothes As Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

This is something that I have toyed around with for quite some time and I am just going to dive right in with this pregnancy. When I look at a lot of the different outfits that I have, they can be tweaked to fit right in with a maternity wardrobe that, well… doesn’t SUCK! I do have some leggings that are quite stretchy, so I am thinking about buying some cute tank tops to go with them and then dressing up the outer portion with a button up shirt. This way, it does not look like I am simply wearing leggings for pants and I have a little bit of an ensemble that is comfortable.

Finding My Other Options in Pregnancy Clothing

Maternity Clothes

However, as I look through all of my maternity clothes options from my regular clothing, I find that I need to stay away from horizontal stripes. Even though I loved to wear sweaters and even dressed with horizontal striping, I just don’t think that this will be a good look while I am 8 months pregnant and swollen. Talk about putting a “Knocked Up” neon sign over your stomach!

The bottom line is, being pregnant should be no different than any other time in your life when it comes to the fashion that you wear. You simply need to be comfortable and feel good in what you are wearing. With a little bit of finesse, you can take your own style and put it to work for you so that you have maternity clothes that you will be excited to wear.


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