Would You Own a Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag?

Would You Own a Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag?

Okay, confession time: I like designer clothes, shoes, and it’s extending into the realm of diaper bags. I work full-time, and I feel like if I want to pamper myself a little with a new Prada handbag, why not pamper my beautiful baby too and get us both a gorgeous Marc Jacobs diaper bag? I’m a little taken back at the attitudes I’ve gotten from people regarding my choice in diaper bags. I just mentioned at work that I was looking to upgrade from my current diaper bag, and you would have thought I said I wanted to go rob banks on our lunch hour for the looks I got when I said I wanted to buy a more upscale diaper bag. A big collective, “Why?” filled the room. Suddenly, I felt like I was on the defensive telling women that I’ve worked with for over 5-years why I wanted a high end diaper bag. I felt very awkward.

Is it Selfish to Own a High-End Diaper Bag?

Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag

When I got off work at 5pm, and I had picked my son up from daycare and went home to a nice surprise that lightened my mood. My husband had gotten off work early and put a lovely spaghetti dinner together. After dinner, as I rocked our son to sleep, I was letting my mind wander and inevitably it went back to my work discussion.

If You Owned Other Designer Brand Items Would a Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag Be a Sin?

Marc Jacobs Diaper BagClick Here

I started thinking of all the high-end clothing items and accessories I own. I didn’t understand why wanting a diaper bag that happened to be by a designer I like would actually be an issue for some people. Was I selfish to want a designer label diaper bag? No one had actually uttered the word, but it was roundly implied I was selfish to spend money on an expensive diaper bag. I really didn’t consider it a waste of money. Every single item I’ve bought with Marc Jacob’s name on it has been quality. Plus, the diaper bag I did buy at a much lower price is quite frankly already falling apart, and it only goes to my son’s daycare and on family outings.

Bottom Line – Is a Mark Jacobs Diaper Bag a Waste of Money?

Marc Jacobs Diaper BagClick Here

I would have to say no and here’s why. My personal favorite in the Marc Jacobs’ line of diaper bags is the Eliza-Baby bag. This bag comes in black and taupe. I like black myself, and it doesn’t say, “Hey, I’m a diaper bag.” I wanted something I can use when my baby doesn’t need a diaper bag anymore, but something that will be useful for my son now. This bag has it all, pockets for bottles, a comfy changing pad, a flat base, so it doesn’t fall over when you set it down, and the entire thing zips up so everything stays securely inside the bag. Plus, it’s lightweight and I consider all of those features on a well-made bag a very good deal.

Can You Find Deals on Designer Diaper Bags?

Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag

You can find deals on high end diaper bags online, but be careful. There are a lot of knockoffs and fake designer bags out there. The problem with the fake bags (besides the fact they are fake) is that they are often made using shoddy materials and fall apart easily. Always buy from a name brand store or authorized retailer. After thinking it over, I think I am going to go for a Marc Jacobs diaper bag, and I just won’t bring it up again at work. I made a final decision to definitely get the Eliza-baby diaper bag and just enjoy it.


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