How To Plan A Baby Shower For My Baby

How To Plan A Baby Shower For My Baby

Where to start? Your daughter, sister or best friend is preparing for motherhood and you want her transition to be as enjoyable, and as smooth as possible. You know the parents-to-be will need help being the best they can be for the most important job ever, parenting. The task at hand was how to plan a baby shower that incorporates my kids’ requests and deliver it with style and love.

Basics for How to Plan a Baby Shower

How To Plan A Baby Shower

When planning my daughter’s baby shower, I wanted to express to her all the reasons why I wanted to make the birth of her first child, my first grandchild, a memorable occasion. Love, pride, family, and my admiration of her were the reasons I wanted to make my daughter’s baby shower one that she would never forget. As a newlywed, senior in college and now a first-time mother-to-be, my daughter had taken on a great deal of responsibility in such a short period of time. I was definitely proud of the fact that she tackled each situation with grace and tenacity, not settling for anything less than perfection. She planned a beautiful wedding, married a great guy who loves her unconditionally, and held down a full-time job while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Now that she was pregnant, I kept thinking to myself, “Wow! My baby is having a baby.”

I Learn How to Plan a Baby Shower Fast

How To Plan A Baby Shower

The family found out that my daughter was expecting in February 2010. Noting that time was of the essence, I wanted to plan a baby shower that would meet Tanesha and Isaac’s needs as new parents. We had a few milestones to celebrate in 2010: college graduation, their 1 year anniversary, and the birth of their first child. I could not plan a baby shower until late summer or early fall. I wanted to give Tanesha time to rest, relax, refresh and concentrate on herself, the baby, and her husband. I knew motherhood was going to be a non-stop, full-time job. So I employed the help of my son-in-law and my daughter’s best friend Megan to help plan the baby shower celebration.

Finding Inspiration

How To Plan A Baby Shower

The internet was a great resource to aid in the planning of the baby shower. The theme was designed around Winnie-the-Pooh as that is how she decorated the nursery over the summer. Megan compiled the guest list with assistance from Isaac, and the location was going to be at my house. We set the date for September 18, 2010, two months prior to her due date. So with the date, time, location and the guest list in place, all the fun stuff began to take shape. Here are a few suggestions that helped me in the planning a fantastic baby shower.

Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

How To Plan A Baby Shower

• Decide if you would like to have the shower before or after the baby’s arrival. Some couples don’t want to know the baby’s sex prior to birth. In addition, parents may want the new arrival to be the guest of honor.

• Fathers may want to be included in the baby shower festivities. Typically, showers were women only. Baby showers today can be co-ed. Let the parents-to-be decide how to celebrate their new arrival.

• Get the word out about the baby shower. E-vites and mailed invitations are some options. Invitations are usually sent out 3 weeks in advance.

• Pick a theme for the celebration. Inventiveness and thoughtful touches can make for a great party. It’s not always necessary to have a theme, but flowers, bright decor, lush table-settings, or a beautiful buffet create a festive atmosphere.

• Create a menu. Decide if you want the event to be catered, if you want to prepare decadent finger foods, or you may have a potluck where each guest brings their best dish. Take into consideration if cocktails are going to be served.

• The opening of the gifts is the main attraction at a baby shower. Plan games that educate the mother-to-be about parenting, baby-name games, or pamper the mother-to-be and her guests, i.e. message therapy, mani/pedis, and/or facials.

• Establish a baby registry with at least 2-3 retailers. Let the parents-to-be pick out items needed to make baby’s arrival warm and welcoming.
• Baby keepsakes are heartwarming ways to pass down family heirlooms from one generation to the next, i.e. sterling silver rattles, sippie cups, comb and brush sets, christening gowns.

These activities made for a wonderful Baby Shower Celebration. It was a heartwarming gathering of family and friends to celebrate the beautiful, new addition to our family. Madison Denise was born November 4, 2010 and weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz. These are the elements on how to plan a baby shower. Do not get overwhelmed and remember to have fun creating a memorable occasion.


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