Outdoor Adventures With Your Child Using A Hiking Baby Carrier

Outdoor Adventures With Your Child Using A Hiking Baby Carrier

No matter how much you love to spend time with your child inside, there is nothing worse than being cooped up in the house all of the time when there are so many amazing adventures that you can enjoy. My husband and I have always been people who absolutely love going on walks, riding out mountain bikes and hiking. Now that our son has gotten a little bit older, decided that it was about time that we started using a hiking baby carrier so that we could get out and enjoy the fresh air more often.

Baby Friendly Trails

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Once we bought the hiking baby carrier that suited our needs, I knew that it would be very important to find a number of child friendly trails. After all, no matter whether my husband or I were using the carrier, we needed to make sure that we were all safe and that neither of us had to bare the weight on a difficult trail. We found that looking online with a variety of blogs that parents talked about outdoor outings with their children gave us some great ideas on the best hiking trails out there.

Hiking Baby Carrier To The Rescue

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One thing that I can tell you that I am proud I have the ability to shop for and find the perfect hiking baby carrier to suit our needs. While we have a traditional sling that we like to use around the home, I knew that we had to find a great carrier that had flawless locking features and even a bit of a suspension system to keep the comfort level high during any hike or outing. Basically, you will never find that weight is an issue as long as you have purchased the right baby carrier geared towards hiking.

What We Based Our Choice On

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The model that we decided upon has a great ladder suspension system that is incredibly easy to adjust. By making a few quick adjustments, we are able to get the perfect torso range to fit either of us perfectly depending on who is going to be carrying the baby at any given time. I knew that picking one with a fixed suspension would actually limit the amount of adjustability that we had and even make it feel as though we were carrying more weight.

Upgrades on Hiking Baby Carrier Designs

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Believe it or not, they even have hiking baby carriers that have a kickstand that works almost in the same manner that a kickstand would work on a bicycle. This is a great feature that can help you to have a stable platform for whenever you are putting your child in the carrier or taking the child out. Some have a fixed position kickstand, however the model that we chose can be manually tucked away while the carrier is in use.

Using The Hiking Baby Carrier

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I can honestly say that since we have purchased the hiking baby carrier model that we decided upon we truly love it. The only complaint that I would have is that we don’t seem to have the time to go out hiking as often as we would like.

With the accessory compartments and little pockets, we can easily pack extra snacks, hand sanitizer and a number of other essentials so that we can free up our hands or another pack. I just like to make sure that I have a little sun hat on my sun when we take him out as he does not have any coverage while in the carrier. All in all, having a quality crafted hiking baby carrier has made it possible for us to get back out and enjoy activities more often.


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