My Family Likes Hibbett Sports Shoes, Here’s Why

My Family Likes Hibbett Sports Shoes, Here’s Why

We are an active family. When the weather is nice, we enjoy running as a family, and for now I love my jogging stroller that allows my baby and toddler come along for the run. Plus, my hubby agrees, pushing kids while you jog is a heck of work out. Our go-to store is Hibbett sports shoes, because they have shoes for the whole family.

If You Haven’t Shopped There Before

Hibbett Sports Shoes 4

They have shoes specially made for the athlete to meet special needs for the sport they are involved in. My husband and I jog, in fact, that’s how we met. When I first moved to our city, I joined an online group of local joggers that met up in a local part, and we got to know each other jogging together and 2 years later we were walking (not jogging) down the aisle. My husband is the one that turned me on to the Hibbett sports store. They have more than shoes, and if you don’t have one locally like we do, you can shop online. Hibbett isn’t a specific brand of sports shoes, it’s a store that carries a great selection of shoes for every sport under the sun. I like the fact that I can shop and compare name brands to get the best price.

Types of Hibbett Sports Shoes: Football Sport Shoes

If you have never looked at these, (I hadn’t), these types of sport shoes are often studded to give the wearer good grip on grass. My husband keeps telling me he’s going to get a pair to go golfing in, rather than wear his golf shoes because the football shoes look “cooler.” You don’t want to even know what he paid for his golf shoes, but I guarantee you, he will be wearing them a very long time to justify that cost.

Hibbett Sport Shoes for Running

Hibbett Sports Shoes

As a runner, footwear is important. I learned the hard way that buying any old pair of running shoes will lead to paying with your muscles. Since running involves putting pressure on the legs and knees, especially if running on hard surfaces like concrete and pavements, I need running shoes that are padded and have some sort of heel that help protects my feet from the impact of the surface. Instead of the feet hitting the hard ground, which could cause injuries the shoe is able to absorb the pressure and my legs and knees are left feeling little or no effect at all. In terms of protecting my ankles, the running shoes are made to be high, and offer support when running. My husband recently took up barefoot running. He claims it’s far easier on his feet, but I really am not ready for that step in my jogging life just yet.

Gym Trainers at Hibbett

Hibbett Sports Shoes

This type of shoe is usually more streamlined to the shape of the foot than shoes used for outdoor sports. This is because there are cushioned mats, and training equipment the shoes are used with. Since there is little to no impact as on pavement or other hard surfaces, all the extra padding isn’t necessary.

I like to feel like I am getting the best deal possible, especially when I buy something I consider an investment in my continued healthy like running shoes. I like the variety that Hibbett sports shoes carries such as Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Jordan, K-Swiss, good old Nike, and Under Armour. Another plus with shopping at Hibbett online is that you can compare and see all the stock that is available, not just whatever your local buyer bought for what they thought would sell in your local store. That’s why even though we have a Hibbett store in our city, I usually just go online to find what I want to make sure I get to see everything they have available.


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