Hello Daughter, Hello Kitty: The Perfect hello kitty diaper bag for a Little Girl

Hello Daughter, Hello Kitty: The Perfect hello kitty diaper bag for a Little Girl

When I was a little girl, I remember the advent of Hello Kitty, and I was hooked. I remember saving my small allowance so that I could buy Hello Kitty stickers, pencils, and notebooks. Years later, when I realized I would be having my own little girl, Hello Kitty came to mind again. There is just something sweet and girly about Hello Kitty, from the fact that she is a cuddly white kitty to her big red hair bow, to all the pink accents in her design. So of course, the ultimate little girl diaper bag has to be the Hello Kitty diaper bag.
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I confess, I have always been a girly girl. Pink is my favorite color and has been since I was small. So of course I was going to enjoy every bit of pink and frill and adorableness I could along with the birth of my own little girl. By the time I was six months along, the closet was already half filled with pink dresses, onesies, and blankets. Her Noah’s Ark themed room had pink accents everywhere, and there was a nice supply of soft pink cotton sheets for her bed. I wondered if my husband thought I went a little overboard, but he wisely never said a word. I wondered if my little one would love stuffed animals as much as I had, so just in case I decorated her room with lots of soft fluffy friends, including, of course, a fluffy white kitty.

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hello kitty diaper bag

When I went to purchase a diaper bag, I was pleased to discover I had lots to choose from. Hello Kitty had a variety of bags and styles, and it was hard to decide. In the end, if I was going to sport Hello Kitty, I was going to sport her with as much pink as possible, so I chose the Hello Kitty Fashion Charm XL bag. With it’s nice size, compartments, and cute smiling kitty on the front, I knew I’d love it.

Hello Kitty Diaper Bag Mania

hello kitty diaper bag

My bag was a hit, but I have to say, there were enough styles for me to have used a different bag for each day of the week, and all of them were cute, from the messenger style bag to the all over print bag, to a hip black bag with the Hello Kitty logo on the front. In fact, I chuckled when I recently saw a photo of one of my Facebook friends using her black Hello Kitty bag as a purse and briefcase. Apparently they are not just for babies!

What makes the Hello Kitty diaper bag such a hit?

hello kitty diaper bag

For me, besides the Bag being a little piece of my own childhood, their bags are just very practical. A nice big bag is always great with a baby, but size isn’t the only thing these bags have. There are pockets and compartments and extra small bags that can be used for wipes or extra cloths. In addition, many styles have a detachable changing pad, which is a real bonus when out shopping or traveling. They come in a variety of materials, and they are easy to maintain and keep clean. They also hold their shape well, which is important when it comes to keeping everything in its place.

My daughter doesn’t need a diaper bag, but the Hello Kitty diaper bag hasn’t been relegated to storage just yet. She still uses it when she goes to visit grandma or when she needs to take ALL of her favorite stuffed animals for a ride in the car. And I’m not sure if it’s because of the bag or not, but guess what her favorite animal is? That’s right, a cat!

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