My Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy To Share With You!

My Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy To Share With You!

Being pregnant was truly one of the most awesome times in my life. I admit, I was afraid of eating, because I didn’t want to eat the wrong things to harm my baby. I love junk food, and I was actually eating a BBQ potato chip sandwich sometimes when I couldn’t think of anything else to eat. I know, I know it’s a horrible choice. Everyone seemed to have advice for what I should and should not eat. My mother-in-law was telling to throw all the eggs out in my home or I could give my unborn baby an illness from eColi. I took the advice I got from a lot of well-meaning people and took it to my doctor and together we came up with rough and ready healthy snacks during pregnancy list that I could refer to. I wanted to share it with you, and remember, always discuss any dietary changes with your doctor.

Eggs are Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy 1

Turns out eggs are actually a good source of protein. I have never been a huge fan of eggs but I did start keeping a few hard boiled eggs in the fridge to grab on the go. Eggs also have 12 essential vitamins and nutrients that are great for expectant mommies.

Go for Popcorn

Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy 1

Invest in an air popper and during the last trimester when heartburn is likely to be at its worst, you’ll find any food made with oil can make it worse. Popcorn is a go-to snack that you can feel okay about eating. Plus you can add flavors that fit. I seriously couldn’t get enough of popcorn with a little Parmesan cheese on top when I was pregnant. Popcorn is all natural and has fiber, Vitamin E, selenium, and phyto-nutrients. Multi-Grain Crackers and Cheese is a Healthy Snack During Pregnancy This was one of my truly favorite pregnancy snacks, and still is even now, three months later after my baby has arrived. The only regret during pregnancy is I couldn’t have any wine with my crackers and cheese, I settled for orange juice instead. However, crackers and cheese have lots of natural fiber, protein, and also calcium for you and your baby.

Walnuts are Fantastic

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Taking fourth place in the healthy snacks during pregnancy is? I can only think of one answer here and that answer is walnuts. I just loved me some walnuts during pregnancy with my son. I can’t say why I craved them like crazy. Walnuts are rich in Omega 3s and that was good enough for me.

Yogurt is a Great Snack

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Greek yogurt, anyone? – I’ve always loved yogurt. Nonetheless, after I got pregnant, I want rampant for one yogurt in particular. It was no other than Greek yogurt. I found out that Greek yogurt has twice the protein content than regular yogurt and also contains calcium. It became one of my fave snacks after that.

Guiltless Cookies

Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Baking sort of made me feel better. What was I baking? No other than healthy cookies to snack on. These healthy cookies for pregnancy are number 6 on the list. I made one cookie in particular called Guiltless Free Cookies. Here is the link to the recipe. It is I made totally healthy cookies with ingredients such as oatmeal, raisins, dark chocolate chips, and other healthy stuff.

Fruits and Veggies Make Great Snackage

Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Color your pregnancy with lots of fruits and veggies – One of the biggest variety of things I did enjoy munching on during my pregnancy was fruits and veggies of all colors from green to red to purple to yellow. Each color group of fruits and vegetables has their own vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Snack on!

Include Those Cranberries

Cranberries are a pregnant woman’s best friend. The one thing that is annoying about being pregnant was this. I was always wanting something quick and fast to eat. So, someone mentioned cranberries, as they are very fast to grab and portable. Plus, they are also very good for you, being rich in anti-oxidants and improving memory. If you’re prone to bladder infections, include a glass of cranberry juice in your daily regimen too.


Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

This is a great way to get a lot of a nutrition into a single drink. This can be made with varying fruits from strawberries to bananas to watermelon to mango to pineapple to beyond. Smoothies make great snacks that do fill you up without making you feel bloated. My favorite smoothie was made out of kiwi fruit, bananas, and peaches.

A Favorite from Childhood

Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Break out the apples and peanut butter. There’s protein in the peanut butter and apples are packed with good nutrients. Healthy snacks during pregnancy don’t have to be boring or lacking in taste. My list of snacks will hopefully give you some ideas of your own. What’s your favorite snack during pregnancy?


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