The three best places to hang a Baby Einstein Mobile

The three best places to hang a Baby Einstein Mobile

The obvious first best place to hang a Baby Einstein Mobile is above the bed in the Mother’s room. This is the best place for a baby to sleep if the Mother and baby are in perfect health. The infant could focus on the mobile while the Mother prepares for sleep. A good example of why this is a great place to hang the mobile is as follows. The Mother can read to her other small children while the infant watches the mobile. This is a great idea if the Mother has young children as well as the infant. This could be a great routine to ensure harmony at bed time. I am getting a sweet picture in my mind of a Mother reading to her sweet little child. The visual is very soothing.

The second best place to hang a baby Einstein Mobile

 hang a Baby Einstein Mobile

In my opinion the second best place to hang a mobile is above the diaper changing area. I am sure many parents can relate to the diaper wrestling event with an infant when she has turned seven months or so. What is the diaper change wrestling event? It is the rolling and struggling to get away from the procedure of diaper changing. I believe the baby is just busy and doesn’t want to lay still for long. However when a diaper is soiled it is quite a feat to clean everything up and keep the infant where he needs to be. A mobile would be an excellent distraction at least for a small period of time! This might allow the parent to get more of the diaper changing completed before the baby starts rolling around.

The third best place to hang a baby Einstein Mobile

 hang a Baby Einstein Mobile

I find that meal preparation is a busy time for families. An infant at times may need to be in an area where he can be stimulated by a mobile while the family tends to some household tasks. The mobile can be hung in the family room near the kitchen. This way the infant has a place to be while the family is busy. This area can be utilized when the parents need to assist other children with homework. I am of course basing this use of a mobile on a westernized model of family life. These uses of a mobile may not apply to cultures that live in different manners.

It is important to teach a baby to entertain herself!

 hang a Baby Einstein Mobile

This being said I am not referring to the method of letting the baby cry it out! This is a horrible parenting technique that should never be used! It is proven that this is not a way to create good development in the emotions and neural pathways in the mind. This topic can easily be read about if it is interesting to you. To raise secure and aware children it is best to ensure that an infant is always cared for when distressed. If an infant is ill removing all distress is at times unrealistic. However a parent must do the best they can to assist the infant in becoming comfortable and well!

I recommend Lavender Essential oil in a bath

 hang a Baby Einstein Mobile

When a baby is quite distressed and the basics have been ruled out one drop of pure high quality aromatherapy grade lavender essential oil can be used. This drop can be placed on the infants blanket or in the bath. Another option is to put the drop in extra virgin olive oil and rub the infants feet or back. I have used this numerous times to soothe my babies. I always use natural gentle remedies to soothe my children and only use over the counter medications for serious discomfort. We do not perceive over the counter medications or even prescription medications as a first choice ever! I have a large collection of books related to natural healing and maintenance of the body and believe me it works! Two of my children have never taken an antibiotic or visited a Medical Doctor for an illness. This is because I work hard to ensure they have excellent immune systems using natural methods only!

The body responds to natural healing methods!

 hang a Baby Einstein Mobile

Safe gentle healing methods can be utilized to help a child gain balance if the child has become ill. For example colds, flus, allergies, and earaches can all be treated without the use of pharmaceutical drugs! The side effects and dangers of using big corporate pharmaceuticals are not worth the risk for us. Also a body is not as effective at building immunity while ingesting toxins. The body needs to have an opportunity to heal itself! This process is a whole lifestyle adjustment and it takes time and concerted effort to succeed! Building soothing routines into the infant’s day assists with this natural immunity building. When a child is allowed daily a few minutes in the spot deemed best to hang a Baby Einstein Mobile for example this builds a comfortable space for the infant. The infant can be placed in this location to give the parent or caregiver a small break at busy times. If the infant is ill this place can provide needed comfort as the child will associate good emotions with this space.


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