Hottest Styles in Gucci Baby Shoes

Hottest Styles in Gucci Baby Shoes

There’s no reason your baby can’t reflect the same fashion that you love. Gucci knows this and has created a Gucci baby shoes and clothing line that is spectacular. There are people who will say it’s nonsense to buy designer clothing and shoes for babies and children. My personal view on this is to each their own, and if you want to get your children Gucci brand clothing or shoes, that’s your choice. I was at the Gucci site looking for a cute outfit for my daughter, and I started looking over the shoes. I put together what I feel are the coolest baby shoes available at Gucci for both boys and girls.

Gucci Baby Shoes for Winter

Gucci Baby Shoes

The blue shearling sneaker is sharp. It’s a blue canvas sneaker with a shearling around the 3/4 of the shoe body. It’s a lace up shoe and it has a really cute additional style option that I haven’t run across in a baby shoe before. The traditional Gucci canvas is used as a high-top on these, however you can roll it down for a super cute look.

Baby Leather Ballet Flat

Gucci Baby Shoes

If you need a go-to pair of shoes for your baby girl, you cannot go wrong with a pair of ballet flats. These flats are available in two colors, red and white. They are made from red or white microguccissima leather with red or white grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow on the toe of the shoe. There’s an elastic band across the top of the foot to keep the shoe in place. They have both leather soles and uppers, all in all, a really pretty ballet flat.

Original Design Gucci Baby Shoes

Gucci Baby Shoes

If you want a pair of baby shoes from Gucci, this is the design that it all started with. These beige/ebony baby shoes are made using the original GG canvas design. They have a green and red webbing on the sides and an easy-to-adjust hook-and-loop strap closure. They have nice rubber soles for good grip on the floor. This design is only offered in one size now, size 19 which is usually babies between 10-12 months.

Gorgeous Gucci Leather Sandals for Babies

Gucci Baby Shoes

The baby patent leather sandal with a heart is one of the cutest sandals I’ve seen in a long time. The sandal is crafted in fuchisa patent leather and there is a turquoise heart on the toe strap also in patent leather. If you’re worried about sensitivities to leather treatment, these sandals are finished with hypoallergenic palladium. As with all Gucci products, they are made in Italy.

Gucci Baby Suede Driver

Gucci Baby Shoes

These Drivers are cute, cute, and let me say: cute. They are all red suede and have the green, red, green detail that you see on many Gucci shoes. They are perfect for little feet as they are soft and have an elasticized back so they fit well, but not too tightly. The pebbled sole is a nice detail too. The closely resemble a moccasin-style shoe.

Those are just a few of the hot trends for Gucci baby shoes from the store site. If you’ve never looked around Gucci before, definitely give the site a visit and check out their excellent styling and attention to detail. They also carry a full line of clothing for children, along with great ideas for building a wardrobe for your little one.


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