Top 10 Graco Play Yard Accessories

Top 10 Graco Play Yard Accessories


Want to know how to make your Graco play yard even more comfortable and fun for your little one? I can tell you in one word: Accessories! The Graco line of play yards already has a ton of attention to safety and detail. The mesh sides, easy push folding for Mom, and sturdy flooring are just a few of the pluses. Now, I want to share with you the top 10 accessories you can get.

10. Mattress for your Graco Play Yard

Graco Play Yard

I bought a Graco Pack n Play that had an attached bassinet, however when my baby got older, it became apparent she was very comfortable napping in her play yard. I started looking into mattresses and I have to say, that’s a play yard accessory I would recommend having handy from the start.

9. Quilted Play Yard Sheets

Graco Play Yard

We live in Ohio where you truly learn the meaning of being cold during the winter months. I wanted to get my daughter something that was both comfortable and warm without being too heavy. There is a large selection of Graco-quilted play yard sheets you can find in colors from traditional blue and pink as well as earth tones and pastels.

8. You Will Need Fitted Sheets

Graco Play YardUnderneath those lovely quilted sheets, you’re going to need some fitted sheets to cover that mattress. I really like the American Baby Company’s line of fitted play yard sheets. The thread count isn’t high but they are soft sheets that hold up well.

7. Netting is a Graco Play Yard Summertime Must Have

Graco Play Yard

In Ohio, not only do we get the most awesomely bone-chilling winters, we get summers with mosquitoes the size of small birds. Okay, I’m exaggerating about the size of the mosquitoes, but we have them heavily. With West Nile disease as a concern in our area, we take extra precautions when we’re out in the yard during mosquito season and put mosquito netting over our daughter’s play yard. I thought she’d flip out, but actually she loves it and even asks for it when it’s not mosquito season.

6. Peekaboo Play Yard Crab

Graco Play Yard

My daughter loves this Fisher-Price-Discover-Grow-Peek–play yard even still and she’s 22 months old. The crab has a mirror, the claws move and clack when she pulls on the starfish, and it’s very easy to attach to the side of the play yard. This is a toy I usually pop into the travel bag and make sure it’s with us.

5. Extra Play Yard Pads

Graco Play Yard

Once during a vacation in Myrtle Beach, our daughter got picked up a nasty little bug. We had brought the Pack n Play with us as her travel crib and I learned fast that bringing an extra pad along is a smart thing to do because when she wasn’t throwing up, diapers were filling up. Poor thing was so sick for about 48 hours. Finally the bug went on his way, but having another pad to put in when the other was drying out from being washed would have been a lot more convenient.

4. Stimulating Fun

Graco Play Yard

Infant Stimulation Bumper Panel was given to us as a gift. It has colors that will stimulate your baby. There are 3 pockets, and my daughter enjoys a simple game where I hide objects and she pulls them out. Another game she loves to do is where I hide one of her stacking rings and then she guesses which pocket it’s in.

3. Sophie the Giraffe Must Go Everywhere With Us

Graco Play Yard

One of the first toys my daughter was given was a Sophie the Giraffe rattle. This plush, rattle is not your average cold, plastic rattle. This rattle is not only cute, she’s huggable. My daughter is far past being amazed by rattles, but she loves to hug Sophie even still. This is one of the few all-organic toys we have. Sophie is made from 100% organic cotton and filled with organic maize. I really like this toy.

2. Developing a Love of Books

Graco Play Yard

We are a family that reads, I read to my daughter every night and I want to cultivate a lifelong passion for reading. I think making books enjoyable from the start goes a long way for that. One book she absolutely insists on still looking at once a day is her Peek-a-Boo Forest Book. There are several of these soft cloth books that I’ve bought, but she loves this one with the owl.

1. A Little Grooving in the Play Yard

Graco Play Yard

Finding a good mobile that traveled well was more of a challenged than I thought it would be. I finally settled on the Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove  as it attaches easily to the play yard and my daughter loves the movement and noises. She doesn’t really need a mobile to relax for a nap anymore but she still asks for it to be put on.

That’s my list of 10 things that we need with our Graco play yard. We try to take at least 3 short vacations a year. One to see his family, one to see mine, and then we plan a family vacation with just us. The play yard has been an absolute blessing because my daughter is always comfortable and it’s so easy to collapse and set up. If you have something you use with your play yard, I’d love to know about it.


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