Graco Pack n Play for Families on the Go

Graco Pack n Play for Families on the Go

My husband and I met while traveling, and we even had a destination wedding. My husband’s job takes him all over the country and sometimes world, I’m fortunate because I get to accompany him on many of his trips. Once our son was born, we both agreed that we wanted to travel together as a family. With that in mind I would love to show you some of the Graco Pack n Play models that we looked at before making a choice as our travel playard and crib. After we used a hotel provided crib, in a 5-star hotel no less, that had bedbugs, we decided to bring our own travel crib for our son after that. I actually looked at all of these locally before I made a decision and these are the top 4 I was most impressed with.

Graco Pack n Play Travel Playard

Graco Pack n Play

This model is actually named Graco “On the Go” which was a perfect name for our family. I thought this was a great model. It has a removable bassinet, full mesh sides so there’s lots of ventilation, and I love the push button fold down of all the Graco models.

Graco Pack n Play With Reversible Napper

Graco Pack n Play

Now this was one of the most compact travel playards, this was my second choice actually if I couldn’t find the Graco model we ultimately went with. It has a detachable toy bar, and a napper that is also detachable but when it’s attached to the playard, it is very secure.

Graco Playard with a Rocking Seat

Graco Pack n Play

I thought the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat was one of the coolest playards. It has all the basic features of the playards with mesh sides, attention to safety, and easy fold features. I absolutely loved the rocking seat that gently vibrated. As much as our son loves to be rocked, I could see that going over really well. This playard, like most Graco Pack and Play systems is geared to take you from infant to toddler usage.

My Ultimate Choice

Graco Pack n Play

When it was all said and done, I wound up going with the Graco Baby Pack n Play DLX. It’s got wheels for easy moving once set up and it’s so convenient to take down and set up. When our son was an infant, was a sturdy detachable sleeper for him. Now that he’s older, the sleeper makes a fantastic changing table. If you’ve been travelling, you know what a hassle it can be to find what you consider a suitable surface to change your baby in an airport. Plus, he sleeps just fine because it’s familiar, and enjoys the playard when he’s awake. Best of all, if we decide to add another little one to our family in the future, we’ll have a playard and travel crib ready to go. We have really used ours and it shows almost no wear.

I’m a longtime fan of the Graco Pack n Play playards. I know there are other models out there, but I didn’t find any that had all the features I wanted along with being lightweight and easy to fold down and set up, I could not ask for anything more convenient. Plus our son isn’t stressed out. He’s in a bed and play area he is comfortable with no matter if we’re traveling across town to go see his grandparents or across the country on a family adventure together.


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