Trying to Decide on a Graco Car Seat

Trying to Decide on a Graco Car Seat

I found out this morning the car seat I got for my shower got recalled, and I have been looking online for an alternative. I have 4 weeks according to the doctor until my baby gets here, but we all know babies arrive when they are ready, not according to any schedule. I’ve had several friends tell me that I can’t go wrong with a Graco Car Seat, and I found several models. It’s hard to narrow down.

Which Graco Car Seat Should I Choose?

Graco Car Seat

This is my first baby, so I’m not 100% what I should be looking for. One thing that I do like in the Graco models is the car seats that attach directly to the stroller. We plan on making a lot of outings as a family, and that really sounds easy to take our baby along. All of the infant car seats that I have looked at use the “Click Connect” so they can connect right into a Graco stroller. Most hold from 4 to 40-lbs. Right now, in the final stages of my pregnancy, my baby honestly already feels like 40lbs!

Features I Think I Need in a Car Seat

Graco Car Seat

The infant carrier that I am most interested in owning is the Graco Snugride 35. This car seat seems like it will take us from the ride home from the hospital to the toddler years with ease. One thing I hadn’t even thought of was being washable. My sister-in-law recommended the Graco brand because she said her first car seat had a cheap cover that fell apart after a few washes, and she made it clear, to expect the unexpected to happen with your car seat. With that in mind, finding out the entire cushion area is machine washable was a huge relief.

Online Reviews for the Graco Car Seat

Graco Car Seat

The online reviews were just confirming for me that this was the brand to go with until I read one that made me go back and reread everything. The poster mentioned that her Graco Snugride 35 didn’t fit with the stroller exactly because it used the “Click Connect” instead of the “Classic Connect” which are apparently two different designs for the car seats to lock onto the stroller. Now I need to figure out if the stroller I chose will go with the Snugride car seat that I want.

Mission Accomplished

Graco Car Seat

I never used to read reviews very often when I wanted a product. I think since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve more reviews for items than I’ve ever read in my entire life. I want to be sure every single item I use is the safest, best choice for my baby. And I am glad, so many other parents are so candid in their reviews. It’s helped me immensely to make good choices. Like just now, I would have gotten a really nice car seat that was incompatible with the stroller model I picked out. Fortunately the Graco site is well done so I could find a stroller that goes easy with the Snugride model of car seat.

I’m bummed out my car seat got recalled, but happy I found out before we used it. Apparently there is an issue with the 5-point harness and that’s a major safety issue. I enjoyed reading up on the Graco car seat models, and it was fun making a choice. I”ll update this blog when I get to use the car seat. Do you use reviews on websites when you’re making purchases or do you usually go in feeling like you have enough information to make a purchase?


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