I Love My Front Baby Carrier

I Love My Front Baby Carrier

I’m going to vent a little. First, a little background to my coming vent. My husband and I recently had our first baby. One of the most used gifts that I received was a wrap-style front baby carrier. If you haven’t seen one before, they are a baby carrier made of soft fabric that wraps around the wearer and baby. It’s a study, safe way to have your baby up close and yet your arms are free to do other things. Because of the close contact to me, my baby seems to be calmer and sleep better. Everyone told us to be prepared to take our baby out for drives at 2 in the morning when she couldn’t sleep. I have found I can put her in the baby carrier and just walk around and talk or sing. She goes right to sleep. Now here’s the vent, my mother-in-law Leta, insists this wrap carrier will deform my baby’s back and growth. She’s telling anyone we know mutually that I am harming her granddaughter.

I Decide to Go Back Loaded With Facts

Front Baby Carrier

I made a decision that the next family gathering we go to where my mother-in-law is present, I will have facts at the ready about my choice in baby carriers. I really love this wrap, and it’s very comfortable. My husband enjoys the fact we can fit the wrap easily to him too.

Doing Research About My Wrap Front Baby Carrier

Front Baby Carrier

The brand of baby wrap carrier I am using is called a Boba Wrap. I found out some facts about it that just confirm my choice in baby wearing. The Boba wrap actually provides excellent support for my baby’s head and neck. Also, her hips and legs. There is no danger of deforming her back, in fact she’s more supported because there are no pressure points placed on my daughter’s body. Because it’s so easily adjustable, I can fit this to my baby as she grows, so she’s always comfortable. I love the fact it allows for discreet nursing. My wrap is made of organic cotton and it’s so easy to clean. Wash, toss in the dryer and we’re ready to go again.

My Mother-in-Law Gets Schooled About My Choice in a Front Baby Carrier

Front Baby Carrier

So, last weekend the opportunity finally came. I showed up with my baby in the Boba Wrap and almost immediately my mother-in-law came and demanded I take the baby out of that “contraption.” I stated a few of the facts I learned, and she absolutely took no notice of one thing I brought up. I specifically brought up the facts I had learned about no pressure points and how it’s the most natural way of all to carry a baby. Leta just pretended to check my daughter for this damage from being in a wrap baby carrier. Yes, it was embarrassing. My husband tried to talk to his mother about it, but she wasn’t having that conversation with either of us. So, we just put on happy faces so the dinner wouldn’t be ruined and decided her mind won’t be changed by anything at this point.

The End Result

Front Baby Carrier

I continue to use my Boba wrap, and I wouldn’t change my choice in a front baby carrier for anything. I actually got to test out that theory when my mother-in-law bought me a front baby carrier that fits like a backpack. It’s nice, and I’m grateful she went to the trouble. We wear it to her house to keep the peace, but that’s the only time it’s used. Honestly, my daughter doesn’t seem as comfortable, and I can tell you 100% I am not as comfortable wearing my baby in that carrier. I’ll just quietly stick to my Boba wrap. Sorry, Leta.


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