Top 20 Fitness Tips for Women

Top 20 Fitness Tips for Women

Getting fit and healthy can be easy when you learn how to make physical fitness a normal part of your daily routine. Just a few short months ago I wondered how I could possibly make time for exercise sessions at the local gym. As a busy wife and mom it was almost impossible to schedule several hours a week to devote entirely to regular fitness routines.Then I discovered that you do not always have to depend on gyms, personal trainers, DVDs, and exercise equipment to boost your personal level of fitness. In fact there are lots of ways to improve your overall health and physical strength without even leaving your home. Here are my top 20 fitness tips for women:

Before You Start Reading the Fitness Tips for Women

Fitness Tips for Women

Remember, before you start any type of major lifestyle change including diet and exercise, it’s a great idea to talk to your doctor or other medical professional to make sure that you don’t have any special medical needs that would make working out, and or dietary changes dangerous.

Fitness Tips for Women Doing Housework

Fitness Tips for Women

20. Take advantage of those daily chores and use this time to stretch your body. Sweeping, dusting and mopping floors is a wonderful way to get those muscles limbered up and these activities help you improve your balance and flexibility.

Attack Your Eating Habits

Fitness Tips for Women

19. Create healthier meal plans by incorporating a wide variety of grains, low-fat foods, yogurt, fruits, berries and fresh veggies.

18. Snack on crunchy nuts and veggies to satisfy those “sweet-tooth” cravings.

17. I do try to increase the amount of water I drink each day. Now I add green tea, lemon juice or fresh fruit to the water for an extra pop of flavor and nutrients.

Work on Your Stress Levels

Fitness Tips for Women

16. Practice deep-breathing techniques each day. This simple step helps you build stronger lungs, boosts your circulation and burns some extra calories. It’s also a good way to manage stress.

15. Walking is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to achieve better fitness and another great stress management activity.

Make Use of Former Couch Potato Time

Fitness Tips for Women

14. If you must watch television use this time to perform some simple exercise routines such as crunches, lunges or squats.

Exercise With Your Kids

Fitness Tips for Women

Doing thing with your kids not only is fun, it sets a great example.
13. Take your dogs and children for a walk once or twice a day.

12. Visit the local park and practice power walking. I enjoy biking or flying kites with my kids. I stopped running due to the heavy impact this activity has on bones and joints. A brisk walk allows me to burn more calories and keeps my body healthy.

A Few Things to Add to Your Work Out That Are Easy
11. Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your fitness level. This low-impact exercise has become a daily standard at my home.

10. Follow my lead and practice some cool moves with a hula-hoop. A 15 minute session with this inexpensive toy will help you get in shape quickly.

9. To make your daily walks more fun take along your favorite tunes on a hand-held mobile device. I discovered that music helps keep my fitness motivation at a higher level.

Make Time for You

Fitness Tips for Women

8. Take 15-30 minutes each day to devote to pampering yourself. I like to use candles, fragrance and music to transform my bath into a true spa experience. Don’t try to do it when you think your baby will napping. Wait until the kids are in bed for the night, you don’t have any more responsibilities, and go for it. Relieving stress boosts your personal levels of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical fitness.

Sit Up Straight

Fitness Tips for Women

7. I have found that practicing better posture can also improve fitness and health. Pull those shoulders back and sit up straight when you are sitting in a chair.

Consider Weight Lifting

6. Lift weights. No need to worry about lugging those heavy barbells around the gym. Women can use lighter weights to tone their bodies and improve personal fitness. I like to add 3-5 pound weights to my wrists and ankles when I am walking or exercising.

When You Don’t Have Time to Really Exercise
5. When I am really struggling to find time to exercise I can be very creative. One of my favorite tips is to perform isometric exercise while sitting in a chair. You can tone your muscles without neglecting your other responsibilities.

4. Another thing I like to do is practice Kegels. It takes a little practice, but you can do them anywhere and they are extremely beneficial.

3. I do not always have time to devote to a daily 30-45 minute walk. Some days are just like that with kids. I solve this problem by dividing the walk into 3-5 sessions that only last 10-15 minutes. You still get the physical benefits that walking delivers and the shortened exercise periods can be a lot of fun.

2. I discovered that if you eat an apple with each meal you can rev up your metabolism and lose more weight. This is an easy way to improve health and fitness.

1. Get a group together. I joined a site called, and I met a great group of local mothers who all have kids around the same age as my children. We meet once or twice a week at the local park and walk together, and our kids always look forward to it. When I really don’t feel like walking, it’s so motivational to know I’ll be meeting up with friends and walking.

If you use just a few of these fitness tips for women you could change your life in many positive ways. The biggest challenge is finding the motivation to take that first step. Once you get going, you’re going to find your energy levels increase and you feel all around like a Super-Mom!


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