The Evenflo Titan and the Ocean View

The Evenflo Titan and the Ocean View


Here I sit in a Hotel in Chile with a beautiful Ocean view. We are happy because it is nice and cool here.  It is hot in most of the northern part of Chile’s main land right now. The last city we lived in for three months in Chile is very hot right now! Unbearably hot for us. When we first arrived in Chile it was cold and we wore coats and hats outside. We also used several blankets on our beds. The temperature ended up being very hot after we had been there for a couple of months. Right now I sit here and realize the view from this Hotel room is incredible. The four best days on the Island of Chiloe is when we have had a view of the Ocean. It is so relaxing to look out at the sea when it is storming. It is blissful to watch the sea when it is sunny and calm! There are so many beautiful areas to explore in Chile! I would like to load up the family and the Evenflo Titan into a vehicle and go camping in Chile for three weeks. Public transportation is great for Sustainability yet makes it difficult to access certain areas of Chile.

I would have had to fly with the Evenflo Titan

I do not know if I could have brought a car seat on a plane as I would have had to pay a baggage fee. We had to pay extra for our suitcases two times while flying here already. I do not know if I would want to pay more for bringing in a car seat. I could buy a car seat here yet everything costs a fortune here in Chile. It seems products and food is more expensive than in the United States! Clothing costs a fortune! We just to not know how people survive here financially with the cost of living; there must be more to the economic picture that we have not figured out yet.

When I get home I will have to purchase a new Evenflo Titan and a Car

We have one gas guzzling truck. The truck sitting in Oregon awaiting our return, it is a super nice vehicle except for the fuel consumption. The vehicles in Chile are really great. The reason I write this is because most of them are diesel and that provides great fuel economy. Another reason diesel vehicles are great is because the engines tend to run mechanically sound for longer than gas vehicles. We would love to purchase a used vehicle here and drive it as far north as possible.

Wow I just read about the massive pollution from the Japanese nuclear meltdown

We took kelp tablets when it first occurred for about thirty days to protect our thyroids for absorbing radioactive materials. We also did not eat dairy products for one year. I however have not read much about the situation currently. I have not been interested in traveling to the Pacific Ocean in Oregon compared to how we used to. I also have not had that much seafood. I had a strong feeling that the Pacific Ocean is highly polluted now and it is so sad.  I believe nuclear power is a terrible use of resources that is extremely dangerous. It is so unintelligent to utilize technologies that have the potential to kill all life on Planet Earth. How does anyone actually think creating byproducts so toxic that basically never go away is a good idea?

I get so worried

We have radiation from Japan, massive toxics from coal and petroleum based energies, and we have massive agricultural chemicals being utilized. What are we doing? As a planetary whole human race we need a serious wakeup call! We need to put all of our focus on restoring green areas, utilizing green technologies, and protecting and nourishing our bodies. This needs to happen today! It can be so overwhelming to think about. I want to protect my children from all of these toxins! I do not want to leave a polluted environment for future generations. I wonder how many people are thinking about these issues. It is difficult to think about all of this as it can be depressing and frightening! This is why I find it helpful to work on small positive projects. I find it helpful to continue learning, to craft, to enjoy music and entertainment and to try and be as positive as possible. Daydreaming is also helping! I am daydreaming about this new used car I want to purchase. In this car I will put in my family which includes a new infant. I daydream about putting the baby in an Evenflo Titan and traveling North through Chile. Then we would visit Bolivia and Peru!



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