I like the pink Evenflo Big Kid Amp!

I like the pink Evenflo Big Kid Amp!

The Evenflo Big Kid Amp in pink is a good looking booster seat. I need to get an infant car seat to utilize for my new baby on the way; I might also get a booster chair. I would not need to purchase a seat if I had a car seat that someone had given me. Or if I had saved the car seat I used for my last child. I however never save any baby items as I always think I am not having any more babies. Therefore I must buy a car seat and a booster seat or a convertible model. I am looking for a model that can be wiped off easily. Car seats in general have been difficult to get really clean, at least for me. The covers are difficult to remove and put on the same way as before the washing. It seems the car seats never look as good as they do brand new after being washed. This would be a good area of concern for the designers of car seats.

Is anyone considering an eco-friendly car seat?

Evenflo Big Kid Amp

Are any car seat companies offering an eco-friendly car seat? If car seat manufacturers offered an eco-friendly car seat version I would pay more for this option. The reason being is I am sure that car seats are loaded with toxic chemicals! I also am sure that the manufacturing of car seats could be improved greatly as far as reducing the carbon foot print. This could be said about almost every single product that is produced. With that being said I do not think there is an eco-friendly version of car seats or booster seats. I stand corrected if there is!

When my last child was weaned I felt sad!

Evenflo Big Kid Amp

I thought I would not have any more babies and that she was my last. I felt I was probably getting too old and should focus on working to support my large beautiful family. Well I already was working and going to school. I worked hard yet managed to have a high quality family life. However I did get stressed at finals time for each term! For example it is a challenge to write high-level quality papers with children running and yelling in the background. However I have had some straight “A” terms and a few not so good terms just because I live an extremely full and challenging life style.

I would like an Evenflo Big Kid Amp given to me as a hand me down!

Evenflo Big Kid Amp

This is because I am not too old to have another baby and I am due with my fifth child in seven weeks. I know this makes for a large family yet we love it! Our kids range in age of twenty-two years old to five years old. This soon will be a range of twenty-two years old to newborn. I have decided to let go of wondering how others may perceive me or my life choices! I also decided with this pregnancy that I would let go of as much fear as possible. I know it is always the best elated feeling to have birthed a perfectly healthy baby and to acknowledge that everyone is fine. What I am actually referring to is the fear I believe instilled in us by misinformation about birth, babies, and the incredible biology of women! I trust my body and my knowledge of birth. I have given birth at home four times with the assistance of midwives and it has been beautiful! Hard work at times and extremely challenging yet we did not have any complications, or unnecessary interventions! I know this is not the choice for every family, yet for us it was perfect. I did not have to travel while in labor. I did not expose myself or the newborn to germs and bacteria from the hospital setting. We were in our own home where my body was accustomed to the surroundings. The births were quiet, gentle, and the lighting was kept low. There also were not any strangers present.

The Evenflo Big Kid Amp booster seat should be made with eco-plastic!

Evenflo Big Kid Amp

The reason I say this is because booster seats such as the Evenflo Big Kid Amp has less materials and size compared to a full car seat. It would be a good product to introduce to the consumer as well as lower manufacturer risk as the product is smaller. I would definitely purchase an eco-friendly model! I would like to support recycled materials and non-toxic fabrics and plastics. I realize the seats would have to have the same safety performance as the non-eco-friendly models. I know from reading research on consumer behavior in regards to eco-friendly purchases that the consumer is willing to pay more for the products. The amount the consumer is willing to pay depends on their financial security and also on values attributed to such purchases.


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