Go Organic With The ErgoBaby Organic Baby Carrier

Go Organic With The ErgoBaby Organic Baby Carrier

As a person who has tried to go green for a large portion of my adult life, I realized how important it was going to be to try and remain green as a parent once we got pregnant with our first child. Right away I looked into all of my options in commercial baby foods that are organic and I ended up buying my own system to help us make baby food at home using all organic foods. Little did I know that there were a ton of great products out there that I could choose from to complete our collection of baby clothing, bedding, furniture and even accessories. While I was shopping around, I stumbled across the ErgoBaby organic baby carrier and almost immediately I knew that this was one accessory that we had to have as a part of our baby gear.

Why Organic?

ErgoBaby Organic Baby CarrierClick Here

Through researching a variety of green living websites, I have been able to find out a lot of information on organic goods. Organic cotton is a product that is actually produced without the introduction of harsh chemicals. During the growing process, there are only natural products used from pest control to fertilizers to make sure that the result is as natural as possible. I knew that organic produce was a great thing for everyone as it is better for our bodies but also the environment. The more I researched I found that there are some great products such as the ErgoBaby organic baby carrier that are made with both baby and the environment in mind.

Great Features of the ErgoBaby Organic Baby Carrier

ErgoBaby Organic Baby CarrierClick Here

I just loved the design of this baby carrier right off. There is a cool ergonomic design that works to help support the proper sitting position for the baby so that the hip, pelvis and spine are aligned just right. Some of the other models available are under fire with parents and chiropractors alike simply because it does not position the baby in a comfortable manner. I knew that by having the right support, I could take my child anywhere and know that he will always be safe as well as comfortable.

This is One Versatile Baby Carrier

ErgoBaby Organic Baby CarrierClick Here

This is a carrier that can be worn either on the parent’s front, back or on either hip. Not only that, but I am able to move the ErgoBaby organic baby carrier easily from one position to another with no problem at all, which makes this really handy to have when I am out shopping with my son. Right now, my son is only 10 months old, but I can tell that I will have a whole lot of time left using this carrier as the weight limit goes up to about 40lbs. I did also use it when he was a newborn and I simply purchased the attachment to go with it. This was just a small infant insert that I had to buy separately, and it didn’t cost that much. The insert came in really handy when I had to get things done around the house with a newborn such as laundry and the dishes.

The ErgoBaby Organic Baby Carrier Is Worth It

ErgoBaby Organic Baby CarrierClick Here

While you may look around and find that there are cheaper carriers out there, this is one piece of equipment that you can feel good about buying. I love the fact that it is so comfortable, and it is so well made with organic materials. It is safe, secure and really durable when you compare it to some of the other hard framed carriers that are on the market for walking and hiking with baby. With so many great features and materials that you can feel good about, I wouldn’t spend my money any differently. I would definitely recommend this carrier for anyone who wants a quality product made from organic goods.


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