Just Follow The Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions!

Just Follow The Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions!

Do any of you moms out there have husbands who like to get fresh by using what they learn from instructions as a way to irritate you? Let me explain. My husband, just like most men, loves to HATE to ask for directions or instructions on anything. He just won’t ask. Not only will he not ask, but he will get mad when I do. With that being said, instruction manuals are no different. It is nearly impossible to get him to read up on anything before using it. This goes for just about any appliance that we buy right down to the lawnmower, new electronics and pretty much everything that we bring into the home setting. That is, until we got into a heated discussion about him needing to read up on our Ergo baby carrier instructions once we got that home and out of the box.

My Husband Won’t Read Instructions-Ever

Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore my husband. However, what I do not love is way of cutting certain corners just because he seems to think that he has all of the experience and knowledge that he will ever need, and there is no reason at all to read ANYTHING that passes in front of him. When we had our son, I couldn’t get him to read anything about having babies. Instead, he wanted me to explain everything to him. Now, mind you he wouldn’t ask me to explain it. It is rather a wife thing, and I can tell his way of thinking on this. Even though he likes to pretend that he isn’t listening to me, he is trying to pick things up here and there as having a baby is a completely new experience for both of us.

Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions Arrive

Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions

The first item that he got out of figuring out was the infant seat. My brother installed the base in the car, and I watched, so I had that on lock myself. My husband then watched me working with it, so he picked up really quickly how to move it from one vehicle to the other and how to adjust everything so it was nice and tight and fit right into place. The real challenge came when the Ergo baby carrier instructions came out of the box once the package arrived at our door.

Please Just Read The Instructions, Honey

Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions

From the minute that my husband took the baby carrier out of the box, you could tell he was puzzled. I know he has seen someone using a carrier before, but it was in use at the time. This looked like a pile of fabric and straps to him, and I could see it in his face that he didn’t want to figure it out on his own. Even though he bought the carrier for him to mainly use with our child, he made jokes about me needing to figure it out so I can use it. I would tell him that it was all him and he needed to read the instructions, and he would laugh.

He Actually Reads the Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions

Ergo Baby Carrier Instructions

The next thing I knew, I peeked around the corner as he stood in the kitchen with the carrier, box and the Ergo baby carrier instructions in hand. He was actually reading them. I didn’t dare move as this is a rarity in my household. I didn’t want to startle him as I’m sure he would drop the instructions and pretend he thought it was the TV guide or something. What I did realize was that my husband knew that reading the instructions for the carrier was extremely important. He wanted to make sure that everything was set up right and completely safe for our little one once he strapped him into it. It may sound silly, but the Ergo baby carrier instructions made me fall in love with my husband all over again.

Certainly, while they are important, the instructions for this top of the line baby carrier are quite easy to learn and figure out. Within about 30 minutes, my husband had successfully strapped on the carrier, had it adjusted perfectly and had placed the baby in the front position. He had him walking around the house with him, humming and talking to him the entire time. My husband had his new “toy” to use with the baby and a new found appreciation for instructions.


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