The Quest For An Authentic Used Ergo Baby Carrier

The Quest For An Authentic Used Ergo Baby Carrier

For weeks, I found myself searching online for a quality, used Ergo baby carrier for my son. My husband and I are both quite active, and we wanted to make sure that we had a great baby carrier to take our little guy around with us wherever we wanted to go. I spent a lot of time researching our options online and if we had the funding I would definitely have just purchased a brand new Ergo baby carrier. However, with our finances not being at 100% after having the baby, we decided that it wouldn’t hurt to look for a used one in good condition. I actually even had a number of my friends and relatives searching right along with me to find the exact baby carrier that I had to have.

After looking around on a variety of auction websites, we happened upon a great deal that we simply couldn’t pass up. The used Ergo baby carrier that we found was in great shape, and it was almost half of the price of a brand new one. It really looked like this one was barely used. However, after saving the search and looking around a bit more, I noticed that a lot of moms and dads were posting on websites about getting ripped off by purchasing a carrier that they found out to be a fake. Seeing this happening to so many other parents, I started to question if the deal that I was contemplating was really too good to be true. This lead me to a whole lot of reading and research on how to spoke a fake Ergo and what you need to look for so that you do not end up scammed.

How To Spot A Fake Used Ergo Baby Carrier

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To begin with, I found through a lot of my research that these carriers are prime targets for impostors. They are so highly sought after that there are several knock-off companies that have been able to make a killing off of unsuspecting parents and grandparents. Most of the time, the fake will be so close to the real deal that it may be nearly impossible to tell the difference unless you are able to compare them side by side.

If you are purchasing from a seller that claims to have the original box, it is important that you are able to view a picture of an authentic box as there will be differences. Some of the impostor boxes will have imperfections in the ink on the boxes as well as different photographs than the original boxes. However, when it comes to the buckles and straps on each carrier, the chances are you may not be able to tell the difference. Either the fake makers are getting really good at what they do, or they are simply buying the fixtures from the same distributor that Ergo is to make their authentic carriers.

Check Out That Logo

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Look at the logo that comes on the carrier that you purchased or are considering for purchase. You may find that the size, shape and even the coloring for the logo patch can be different from what the original should be. Simply looking at the how to spot fake websites will give you a clear picture of the authentic logo so that you can compare for yourself.

Check the Labeling on a Used Ergo Baby Carrier

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Also, and very important, is the warning and safety labeling listed on the used Ergo baby carrier that you are considering for purchase. This is where you may notice a vast difference from the real carrier to an impostor. The authentic baby carrier will usually have large warning lettering in place to fall in line with consumer guidelines where the impostor carrier will have a label with tiny print. Again, these pictures can often be found on how to spot fake websites so that you can be sure you have the real thing that you are getting ready to spend your money on.

When you shop around online, always remember that a reputable seller will be happy to give you up close photographs of each aspect of the used Ergo baby carrier that you are considering for purchase. With a little bit of investigating on your end, you can find great deals on the baby carrier that you want. Just be aware, there are fakes out there, and you need to take precautions to make sure that you are protected with your purchase and that you do not end up using a carrier that is less than safe for your baby.


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