I am looking for DIY instructions on making my own Elephant Mobile

I am looking for DIY instructions on making my own Elephant Mobile

Mobiles are so adorable! They seem to connect with us all as a historical toy made for infants to increase neural stimulation. I am not talking about plastic junk toy mobiles I am thinking more along the lines of artistic mobiles. I have seen interesting ones over the years. We all seem to be intrigued by Elephants, so I want to make an Elephant Mobile.

Elephants, Horses and other large animals!

Elephant Mobile

I have not ever met a child that did not find Elephants interesting. I wonder if our fascination comes from the fact that Elephants are so large yet can be so gentle with their babies. It is quite endearing. The way some humans feel about Elephants reminds me of the relationship we share with Horses. When I was a child all my possessions I had were Horse themed. This included pictures, books, toys, and of course real ponies. My Father gave me a pony for my sixth birthday! I was so surprised I would have never thought of asking for a pony. We moved to a small farm soon after my sixth birthday. Waiting for me was my little brown Shetland pony. He was so beautiful! He was a bit feisty yet I could handle him.

Why do we love them?

Elephant Mobile

I believe we must have great curiosity concerning other mammals especially the ones that are larger than ourselves. We must respect the sheer size and strength of these creatures. I have been riding horses for at least most of my childhood and some of my adulthood. I still have a cautious fear of horses. I am extremely careful about where I am in relation to the horse at all times. I have never been comfortable in a horse trailer with a horse! How many of us get to be really close to an Elephant? Maybe that is part of what is so fascinating about these large creatures. I love their floppy ears! I made a stuffed Elephant for my niece for her birthday last year. I used the fabric from a child’s dress that was stained and worn. The fabric is a red floral print. The Elephant turned out really cute and I am not bragging! I used a pattern from a sewing book that I have.

I just figured out how I want to make the Elephant Mobile!

Elephant Mobile

I am envisioning making mini stuffed Elephants like the one I made for my niece. Then I will hang them on the mobile. I will use fabrics from clothing that no one is wearing anymore, like stained items. This is adding a sustainable aspect to my creation. The Elephants will be varied and colorful providing stimuli for the infant. The infant I will make this for is one that in brewing in my baby Sister’s womb. She has one child who is six months older than my daughter which makes for some really close cousins. They love each other so much! I have a baby due in about a month and a half, and my Sister’s baby is due in about seven months so we will have another close cousin pair. This is really fun for us and we joke about having a babysitter for life! I want to make her new baby a special gift. I just realized mobiles could be passed down through the family so I will really take my time and enjoy the project.

I have a new perspective about this project of making an Elephant Mobile

Elephant Mobile

I plan on not trying to make this project as quickly as I usually would. I am going to plan on really enjoying the creation of each Elephant for the Elephant Mobile. It will be of the quality to last and to hang up for several babies. I am picturing bright colored fabrics for some elephants and some will be earthly colors. I think I will make the Elephants different sizes, and some will have beads and brightly colored items on them. This will be safe for the infant if hung securely to the Elephant Mobile. I may have to sew these Elephants by hand as they will be tiny. I have a lot of sewing experience and know that small items do not work well with sewing machines. It is just too difficult to navigate the small spaces and get the project to look nice. Hand sewing will take a lot longer yet that will be part of the experience of making a quality project! I will make this project with love not with rushed thoughts. It seems our busy lifestyles breed thoughts of all aspects of our lives needing to be quick and rapid. Even hobbies must be quick. Our lives are very production based. I want to use this project as a more meditative type project, just enjoying the process at every step!


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