Eddie Bauer Baby Carrier Cited as Cause of Baby’s Death

Eddie Bauer Baby Carrier Cited as Cause of Baby’s Death

I’m a huge fan of Eddie Bauer products

I love their baby car seat covers. Along with car seats, strollers, and play yards; there are some great choices to be found among the Eddie Bauer baby carrier line, in fact I wanted to review their front baby carrier which I am a proud owner of, and I ran across another type of baby carrier I wanted to alert you about. This second type is a very concerning baby carrier that you should not buy, nor use if you’ve been gifted it. I ran across this particular scary baby carrier when I was researching my Eddie Bauer baby carrier to review for you.

The Eddie Bauer Baby Carrier Hip and Sling Style

Before I get into this particular carrier, let me stress that I am a huge fan of safe baby wearing. Let me stress, the safe in that sentence. Matter of fact, before I learned about the safety issue to follow for baby wearing, I would have thought this sling type of carrier from Eddie Bauer was not a bad idea. This baby carrier is made from a stretchy, fabric that is also lightweight, yet strong. This is a one-size-fits-all baby carrier that has a single adjustable strap that fits over the preferred shoulder of the wearer, and allows a baby that can sit up to easily balance on your hip. If your baby is newborn or cannot sit up, this carrier has definite safety concerns. As one parent put it, “it’s like putting your baby in a duffle bag.” Read the “Cons” below to know the risks with this carrier.

The Eddie Bauer Baby Carrier Front Style

Eddie Bauer Baby CarrierClick Here

The Lifestyle Carrier is a front facing baby carrier that will allow your child to be comfortable facing you or the child can face outwards. This carrier has an easy in/out feature for baby, and it is very easy to take on and off for the wearer. There is an adjustable feature to allow the seat of the carrier to drop as your baby gets bigger. The seat height adjustment accommodates baby’s age specific support. The weight distribution in this type of carrier is not concentrated in the neck or shoulder, but spread evenly over the back of the wearer, so there is less fatigue. I really like this for a day at the zoo, because I can turn my daughter facing out and she gets a great view.

Pros – From the reviews from parents, there was a definite preference for the front style of baby carrier. There were parents that liked the sling and praised it highly, but there were far more fans of the front carrier. I could only find a few parents that liked the sling carrier. The parents that used the sling-style baby carrier remarked how easy it was to adjust the carrier to carry the weight of the child on a hip, but all of them were referring to much older children that could hold their heads up on their own.

Cons – I couldn’t find anyone that disliked any feature about the front baby carrier. I did find a number of negative reviews about the sling style and some disturbing information. Some parents that used the sling type carrier for infants that could not yet sit up on their own stated they were too frightened to use this carrier as it seemed to allow their child to slide down too low in the carrier. There were concerns about the child breathing easily. In fact, this specific sling carrier was cited as the cause of the death of an infant when her chin was wedged against her chest causing positional asphyxia. The father was wearing the sling and because of the design, could not see his daughter was in distress because of the design of the sling baby carrier.

The Really Concerning Part

Eddie Bauer Baby CarrierClick Here

After reading over all the reviews on these two styles of Eddie Bauer baby carrier, I had to say I was concerned about the sling style baby carrier even being used by parents. I thought the set up of the over-the-shoulder wearing looked really functional, but after reading the cons, it did give me doubts. I did some additional research and found Eddie Bauer has voluntarily stopped selling the sling carrier, however they did not issue a recall or any type of safety warning that I could find anywhere online, just quietly stopped selling it.

I have seen it listed in online stores and on eBay. Since there’s no recall, it’s perfectly legal for those outlets to sell that sling carrier. I have to say I am a little disappointed in Eddie Bauer for just quietly pulling a product instead of shouting loud to people who purchased it that there is a potential safety issue. I’d love to know what you think. Do you think there should have been a formal recall?


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