DIY Baby Boy Shoes

DIY Baby Boy Shoes

I don’t think there’s much cuter than baby feet. So tiny, so wiggly, and so fun to dress up in little shoes. When your baby boy is still small, I think all Moms should give making some DIY baby boy shoes a try. It’s not hard to do and many of them you can make by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. If you look over some of the instructions I’m including in this article, and you feel like this is a project you can do, it’s worth it to invest in a sewing machine. I found my machine on Ebay of all places, and got a great deal on it, plus free shipping.

Materials for Baby Boy Shoes

DIY Baby Boy Shoes

There are a lot of suitable materials for making baby boy shoes. If you are experienced at sewing, you can choose pretty much any fabric and make it work. If you’re new to sewing, stay away from stretchy, t-shirt-type materials and stick to cottons and fleeces. There is a fabric called micro-fleece that is a soft cotton or cotton/poly blend, and it’s easy to work with. I made my son a pair of shorts because I’m just learning how to sew, and my confidence isn’t very high yet. I also made him a pair of baby shoes from some left over fabric. He looks cute as a button when he’s wearing them.

Where to Find Instructions

DIY Baby Boy Shoes

I found some great places for baby boy shoes that I’ll share with you here. The first place I landed when I was looking for some DIY instructions that I could handle with my limited sewing knowledge, was DisneyBaby. There are several styles, from a crocheted lion pair of booties to some really cute booties that look like little boots. They have links to all the patterns, and most take very little fabric or time to make. I finally wound up using the free pattern from DIY Mommy, it’s one of the best I’ve come across. Last but not least, I wanted to give you one more link. Jaclyn’s blog has a very easy to make pair of booties. If you’re as light in the knowledge department as I am for sewing, this is a great place to start.

More Ideas for Baby Boy Shoes

DIY Baby Boy Shoes

One of the best places on the Internet to go for “Pinspiration” is Pinterest. I found more ideas for baby boy booties than I can possibly make while he’s still a little one in just a few boards at Pinterest.

Keepsakes and Gifting

DIY Baby Boy Shoes

One of my friends had a great idea for her baby booties after her baby grew out of them. She would take each pair she made for her baby, and as he grew out of the booties, she would incorporate them into a scrapbook page. Her baby is 2-years old now, and well out of wearing handmade booties. It’s fun to look to see how his little feet great, her notes about what he was doing and milestones he hit at the times he was wearing those little shoes. I think when I get some confidence in my sewing skills, I’m going to start including a pair of handmade baby booties in my little gift baskets I like to make for expecting friends.

Making your own baby booties is fun and there is a definite satisfaction you get as a Mom making something for your child to wear. Even though they grow out of them quickly, I highly recommend diving in and making your own DIY baby boy shoes.


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